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Revised Trauma Score Calculator

When managing a patient with multiple injuries, it is important to understand how severe each injury is in order to assess the overall severity of […]

Micronutrient Calculator

Micronutrients are essential for your body to function properly. They help regulate your metabolism and ensure that you have an adequate supply of vitamins and […]

Happiness Calculator

If you’re looking to make yourself happy, there are plenty of ways to do it. First, though, we need to understand what happiness is and […]

Alvarado Score Calculator

The Alvarado score is used to determine whether a patient with abdominal pain and tenderness will likely have appendicitis. The patient is first examined for […]

Pack Year Calculator

Pack years are a way to measure how much the average person has smoked. You can calculate your pack years by multiplying the number of […]

Baby’s Milk Intake Calculator

Babies need milk because it is nutritious, easy to digest, and easily accessible. Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is good for your baby, but it’s also beneficial to […]

Calorie Calculator

The human body is a complex and amazing machine. To function properly, it requires energy in the form of calories from food. Your basal metabolic […]

Warfarin Dosing Calculator

Warfarin is an anticoagulant, which means it prevents harmful blood clots from forming. This medication is used to treat or prevent strokes, heart attacks, and […]

Water Intake Calculator

Water is essential for human life and helps our bodies perform many vital functions. Blood contains over 90% of water, which helps circulate oxygen throughout […]

Melatonin Dosage Calculator

Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces naturally. It helps control your natural sleep-wake cycle, which includes the ability to fall asleep and stay […]

Carb Calculator (Carbohydrates)

Carbohydrates are one of the three main food types. Carbohydrates are found in starchy foods like pasta, potatoes, and bread as well as fruit and […]

Caffeine Calculator

Caffeine is something we have all run into in our lives. It comes in many forms, so there is almost certainly a product you like […]

Fiber Calculator

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t get enough fiber in your diet. The average adult should eat 14 grams of dietary fiber per day […]

Tylenol Dosage Calculator

The Tylenol Dosage Calculator is a handy tool that can help you determine the right amount of medicine for a patient. The dosage calculator will […]

Mentzer Index calculator

The Mentzer index calculator is about distinguishing iron deficiency anaemia from beta-thalassemia. We get it from the results of a complete blood count. To answer […]

Hydroxychloroquine Dose Calculator

You may have heard of hydroxychloroquine, but are not sure exactly what it is, and what it is used for. Don’t worry, because we’re going […]

PSA Density Calculator

Are you looking for a PSA density calculator? You’ve come to the right place. This blog sheds light on how to calculate PSA levels and […]

Duke Activity Status Index (DASI)

You may have heard of the Duke activity status index, but if you came here, you’re probably not too sure what it is and what […]

Diet Risk Score Calculator

So, you’re ready to start healthy eating and a balanced diet? Great! The first step to a healthy lifestyle is finding out what your current […]

CAGE Questionnaire Calculator

The CAGE questionnaire test can help you decide whether or not you might have a drinking problem. It’s likely that if you are concerned enough […]

URR Calculator – Urea Reduction Ratio

For those who have kidney disease or renal failure, it is crucial to learn about the URR Calculator. Chronic kidney diseases affect nearly 15% of […]

CIWA Calculator

It is estimated that close to 15% of ED visits are due to alcohol intoxication. Some of these patients will require further treatment, such as […]

Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio Calculator

Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play important roles in the health of women. Estrogen is a group of three hormones (estradiol, estrone, and […]

Serum Osmolality Calculator

If you want to know how to count the patient’s serum osmolality and make a correct medical diagnosis easier using four parameters, check out our […]

Denver Hiv Risk Score Calculator

This Denver HIV Risk Score Calculator is here to help you when you need to identify patients with high HIV or AIDS risk. Besides regular people, who, without much […]

Max Heart Rate Calculator

The Max Heart Rate Calculator gives the fastest heart rate that you can achieve during training and exercise, without having any problems. Speed, distance, and training […]

EORTC Bladder Cancer Recurrence and Progression Calculator

EORTC Bladder Cancer Recurrence and Progression Calculator allows you to find the possibility of recurrence and progression of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) over one and […]

Cycling Heart Rate Zone Calculator

Cycling Heart Rate Zone Calculator will help you determine your regular training. If you want to check your heart rate zones, you can do so […]

QUICKI Calculator

The QUICKI Calculator measures the patient’s insulin sensitivity based on the insulin and glucose levels measured in the morning, obtained from a blood sample. Term […]

Absolute Reticulocyte Count Calculator

The Absolute Reticulocyte Count Calculator counts the absolute number of reticulocytes and estimates the number of reticulocytes in a patient’s blood. In short, the values […]

Cigarette Calculator

The Cigarette Calculator calculates the total number of cigarettes you have smoked in a certain time of period. It does this by multiplying the number […]

Maddrey’s Discriminant Function Calculator

If you need to evaluate the short-term prognosis of alcoholic hepatitis of patients by measuring Maddrey score, check out our simple yet useful Maddrey’s Discriminant Function […]

BASDAI Score Calculator

The BASDAI Calculator is intended for patients with ankylosing spondylitis – a rare inflammatory condition that causes pain and stiffness in the spine. We have […]

Depression Screening by PHQ-2 Calculator

This tool will allow you to check if you may be suffering from depression based on the PHQ-2 questionnaire. What is depression? Depression is a […]

PF Ratio Calculator – PAO2 / FIO2 Ratio

The PaO2/FiO2 ratio, also called the PF ratio, is a useful clinical tool that can be used to determine the lung health of a patient […]

GCS Calculator – Glasgow Coma Scale

The easiest way to check Glasgow Coma Scale is through our medical GCS calculator, which is handy and easy to use. It has been widely […]

Dosage Calculator

The Dosage Calculator detects which dose of medicine is appropriate for your weight. The calculator can convert the dose expressed in mg/kg into the dose […]

HSI Calculator – Heaviness of Smoking Index

Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) Calculator determines the nicotine dependence of a person by categorizing the person into three groups: low, middle, and high addiction. […]

Urine Anion Gap Calculator

The urine anion gap (UAG) calculator works by finding the difference between positive (cations) and negative (anions) ions in your urine. In the post below […]

PADUA Score Calculator

PADUA Score Calculator is a medical tool used to evaluate the venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk factors of particular patients and eventually gives you a report […]

ECG Boxes To Seconds Calculator

ECG Boxes To Seconds Calculator is used for converting the length and distance of intervals in ECG boxes to their durations expressed in seconds or milliseconds. […]

Glycemic Load Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

DAPT Calculator

The DAPT calculator provides information on anticoagulant doses and treatment guidelines for patients who are taking the medications. This article can help you to better […]

TI-RADS Calculator

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in the human body, with a specific butterfly-shaped appearance located in the lower, front part of the […]

Child Pugh Calculator

Child Pugh Calculator is a calculator used to give you a clue about the severity of the patient’s condition, prognosis, and mortality rate, classifying the […]

Estimated Average Glucose Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Fagerstrom Test For Nicotine Dependence Calculator

It is a measure of the severity of a smoker’s nicotine dependence. A person’s score on the test can help to determine which therapy may […]

Glycemic Index Calculator

Glycemic Index Calculator is a calculator used to determine the glycemic index for the most common type of foods. Besides displaying the GI score values, […]

Wells Score Calculator for Pulmonary Embolism

On our website, we have many calculators related to medicine and clinical research, but this one might be the most interesting and useful. So, what […]

CHA2DS2-Vasc Calculator

If you have atrial fibrillation (AFib) or are being evaluated for it, the CHA2DS2-Vasc score is a tool that your cardiologist may use to assess […]

PECARN Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Audit-C Calculator (Am I an Alcoholic?)

As you have probably already seen, our calculators help you in every aspect of life. This calculator is helpful for anyone who likes to drink […]

Heart Score Calculator

What is MACE? Although there is no clear definition for major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), many explanations have been employed in cardiovascular studies over time, […]

Charlson Comorbidity Index Calculator

In individuals with many comorbidities, the Charlson Comorbidity Index calculator forecasts survival. It comprises 17 elements, each of element is connected to a different health […]

Venous Blood pH Calculator

Venous blood is deoxygenated blood that passes via the venous system and into the right atrium of the heart from peripheral blood vessels. The right […]

SAAG Calculator – Serum-Ascites Albumin Gradient

The serum ascites albumin gradient (SAAG) is a medical term for the differential in albumin concentration between blood serum and ascitic fluid. Physicians utilize this […]

Aldrete Score Calculator

Aldrete Score Calculator determines the current health status of a patient by monitoring five of the essential Aldrete score items: mobility, blood pressure, consciousness, breathing […]

APGAR Score Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Qp/Qs Calculator – Pulmonary-Systemic Flow Ratio

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

BAI Calculator – Body Adiposity Index

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Absolute Lymphocyte Count Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Hematocrit to Hemoglobin Ratio Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Adrenal Washout Calculator

An adrenal washout calculator is a tool for calculating the ratio of cortisol and adrenaline in the body. This can assess adrenal fatigue, which is […]

Flange Size Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Sodium Correction Calculator

The sodium correction calculator calculates the serum sodium change per liter and the sodium replacement fluid flow rate based on the patient’s weight, serum sodium […]

Mean Sac Diameter Calculator

In this article, you can read about the Mean Sac Diameter calculator which is designed to calculate the dimensions of the uterus for use in […]

LDL Cholesterol Calculator

LDL cholesterol is one of the transporters (lipoproteins) for cholesterol in the blood. Despite its vital properties, it is bad cholesterol because it promotes the […]

Cholesterol Ratio Calculator

Cholesterol and its uses Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) that your body needs in order to function correctly. It is produced by your liver, and […]

Anion Gap Calculator

The article discusses assessing the anion gap based on the calculated sodium, chloride, and bicarbonate levels in the blood serum. You can do all this […]

Smoking Pack Year Calculator

How to calculate the smoking pack years? To calculate the pack-year (PY), multiply the number of packs of cigarettes smoked each day (Packs) by the […]

Aortic Valve Area Calculator

Get acquainted with the aortic valve surface calculator to determine the areas of the patient’s aortic valve. It is also recommended to assess the severity […]

QTc Calculator

There is evidence of QT prolongation in situations such as arrhythmia and other heart diseases. In addition to the mentioned situations, the process can also […]

Blood Sugar Converter

Control of glycemia in the body is achieved through several physiological mechanisms. This test measures the level of glycemia and determines whether there is hypoglycemia […]

Total Body Water Calculator

To measure the percentage of water in the body, CalCon has designed a Total Body Water calculator, which you can use as an Android or […]

Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

It is known that anthropometry is a scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body and organism through basic methodological methods. Some […]

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

If you are interested in calculating the height to waist ratio, you can now get this information with our waist to height ratio calculator. The […]

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Do you want to know what body type your bodysuits are? You can find out very quickly by calculating the waist-to-hip ratio. It is beneficial […]

ABSI (A Body Shape Index) Calculator

What is A Body Shape Index (ABSI) ABSI is a metric for assessing the health implications of a given body height, mass and waist circumference. […]

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Fat in our body plays a significant role in the excellent functioning of the body. We store extra energy in fat. Lubricant warms us, coats […]

Macro Calculator – Find Your Macro Ratio

What are macronutrients? Macronutrients are nutrients that we need to take into our body to produce as much energy as possible, and they are classified […]

BMI Calculator – Body Mass Index

What is BMI? The BMI calculator is used to calculate your body index using weight and height. Belgian sociologist and statistician Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet […]