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Log Reduction Calculator

Log reduction is the amount of elimination of a microbial population. It is also known as the log reduction factor. Log reduction is mostly used […]

Horse Weight Calculator

It’s easy to guess your horse’s weight, but it can be more difficult to measure it accurately. However, knowing how heavy your horse is will […]

Grass Seed Calculator

When you are starting a new lawn or reseeding an existing one, it is important to know how much grass seed you will need. The […]

Crickets Chirping Thermometer

I love the sound of crickets chirping. It’s so relaxing—it’s one of my favorite sounds in nature. But, I often wonder how many chirps there […]

Water Potential Calculator

Water is essential to all living things, and plants are no exception. While they can’t move around as animals do, they can still find water […]

Dog Water Intake Calculator

Dogs are just like people: they need water to survive. And just like with people, there’s nothing worse than not drinking enough water. But how […]

Bird Age Calculator

Birds are often thought of as a creature with a long lifespan, but in reality, bird life expectancy varies greatly by species. There are some […]

Plant Population Calculator

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m talking about the gardening season, of course. Do you know what else is great about gardening? […]

Omega-3 For Dogs Calculator

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your dog’s health. They are compounds that your dog can’t make on its own, so they must be obtained […]

Potting Soil Calculator

When you’re starting a new garden, you need to get the soil right. The wrong soil can make your plants sick, or worse, kill them. […]

Animal Mortality Rate Calculator

When planning a farm or ranch, it’s important to understand the factors that impact animal mortality. So, what is animal mortality, why is it important […]

Benadryl Dosage for Cats Calculator

We all know Benadryl is the go-to drug for allergies and colds. But did you know that it’s also a great treatment for flea bites […]