About CalCon

CalCon is a company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. What started off as a small startup company that creates mobile apps quickly turned into a global contender with massive ambitions. Our first projects were apps in the tools/utilities category, such as converters and calculators. This eventually led us on to this path of creating the world’s largest calculator database.

Some things have changed, but our initial goal remains the same: create the best possible calculators for everyone to use.

The squad

Our squad consists of dozens of members who are all very talented and experienced in their respective fields. From programmers, designers, and writers, whose creative ideas perfectly fit together, to create an amazing experience for you, the user. Every day, all of us work hard to improve that user experience even more, as well as to bring you more interesting and easy-to-use calculators.

Our goal

In CalCon, we aim to create the largest database of free calculators in the world. We have calculators in many categories, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, statistics, everyday life calculators and so many more. 

Instead of wasting your time looking for formulas, and using a regular calculator, you can use our services to easily calculate anything you need. Let’s say you’re cooking. The recipe you are following uses grams as a measurement, but you use cups. Instead of guessing, or trying to convert yourself, you can use our calculator, and easily find the needed result.

User interaction

We have amazing customer support, but our best feature is our calculator creation tool. Every user can create, and share, their own calculators using our free tool. The process is very simple, and definitely worth it. All you need to do is enter the name of your new calculator, and of course the formula, with all the variables defined, and you have created a new calculator that anyone can use.

We are creating a social network that allows people to connect. To create and share their calculators with other people. That is why we are called CalCon.