The Cigarette Calculator calculates the total number of cigarettes you have smoked in a certain time of period. It does this by multiplying the number of cigarettes, or packs of cigarettes, smoked per day by the number of days in the given time frame, usually years. In the following text we will talk about smoking, addictions, risks and how does the calculator work.

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Is cigarette smoking an addiction?

Smoking cigarettes is an addiction and a great health risk. While the effects of cigarettes, tobacco-based products, and all the toxic and cancer-causing substances inside of them are less lethal than of other substances that also cause addiction and disease, cigarettes and tobacco are much easier to acquire, and much more commonplace.

Addictions are, by many considered to be difficult diseases. However, when talking about addiction, we need to make a distinction between physical and mental addictions.

Physical addictions

Physical addictions are those that leave a lasting effect on your body. They are much more difficult to treat because it is not as simple as stopping the use of the substance in question. With physical addictions, your body gets used to the substance, similar to how it gets used to breathing oxygen, eating, or drinking. These are of course necessary to live, and actually help your health. Physical addictions are caused by narcotics, but not any tobacco-based products. Because of this, people consider smoking addictions to be less severe. However, because of the legal status of cigarettes, some people consider smoking to be an even worse addiction.

Mental addictions

Mental addictions are much more versatile and many things can cause them, because it is, for the lack of a better term, all in your head. These are, obviously, narcotics, cigarettes, but even some abstract things, such as gambling, sex, and many more. For narcotics, it starts with a mental addiction, and turns into a physical one, over time.

Smoking tobacco-based products never turns into a physical addiction, as it remains a mental one the entire time. Because of this, it is, in theory, easier to stop smoking. Support from a person’s loved ones or a traumatic memory involving cigarettes can help that person stop smoking. And once they do, their body feels fine, and their health will gradually improve. In fact, it feels better than when they did smoke, as smoking did nothing but harm their health.

Quitting smoking is, nevertheless, very difficult, despite the effect that tobacco has on your body. However, most people don’t realize that the prevention of smoking, is, for the most part, prevention of lung cancer. Smoking is the lead cause of cancer for both men and women, according to research done by Medline. Of course, that is not to say that, if you don’t smoke, you won’t get lung cancer. Lung cancer can be caused by other habits and diseases, but less chance is if you avoid smoking and tobacco-based products. You should also check this HSI Calculator for heaviness of smoking index.

What are the risks of smoking?

The list of health risks for smoking is a long one. From heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, lung cancer, other types of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, other lung-related diseases, problems with the immune system, and many more, it is obvious that smoking and tobacco-based products are bad for your health, and people that use cigarettes are heavily aware of this. It is not difficult to do research today, and learn about the effects tobacco has on your body. To any people struggling with this, I encourage you to do a lot of research, not just on smoking and tobacco, but also on how to overcome smoking addiction. Your health will improve, the risk of you getting lung cancer, or any kind of lung disease will be a lot smaller.

Smoking during pregnancy is also very dangerous, both for the mother and the child, especially in the first trimester. In the first three months, the bases of the child’s organs are formed. Logically, if the foundation of an organ is not formed properly, that organ will be scarred forever. Of course, the thought that you are damaging the health of another human being leads to much lower smoking rates among pregnant women. However, today it is common knowledge that passive smoking is also a great health risk, especially to children whose bodies are still forming.

Passive smoking

Passive smoking is when you inhale the smoke exhaled by a person actively smoking a cigarette next to you. Other than the smoke smokers exhale, passive smokers also inhale sidestream smoke. Sidestream smoke is the smoke that comes off the end of lit cigarettes or cigars. These two combined create what we call second-hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke.

Of course, everyone that did manage to quit smoking has a different reason why. Some people quit because they did get a disease because of smoking. Others quit because, after doing enough research, they had a strong enough willpower to quit.

How does the Cigarette Calculator works?

So, how and why would you use the Cigarette Calculator? The Cigarette Calculator is very simple but very useful. With it, you can calculate how many cigarettes you smoke in a certain time period such as years. To use it, you need to remember how many packs, or more specifically, how many cigarettes you smoked per day. This, combined with how long you have been smoking for (number of years), will allow the calculator to calculate the total number of cigarettes you have smoked in that time period.

\text {total} = \text {smoked per day} \times \text {number of days}

If you want to take it one step further and calculate the information on how much money you could have saved, had you not spent money on cigarettes all those years, you can check out our Quit Smoking And Save Calculator!


How much nicotine is in a cigarette?

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, with the average cigarette having between 10 mg and 12 mg of nicotine. On the lower end, cigarettes have 6 mg of nicotine, while on the high end, they can have up to 28 mg.

How many grams of tobacco are in a cigarette?

It is considered that one cigarette contains 1 gram of tobacco, however, it once again varies between brands.

Can chemicals in cigarette smoke cause mutations in DNA?

Cigarette smoke increases the chance of mutation in all tissues, especially in the respiratory system, since it is the most exposed.