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VO2 Max Calculator – Aerobic Capacity

VO2 Max Calculator – Aerobic Capacity This is VO2 Max Calculator – Aerobic Capacity. You can also use it through our mobile application. VO2 max […]

Slugging Percentage Calculator

Slugging percentage is an offensive statistic used in baseball. It is the total bases divided by at-bats, multiplied by 100, and rounded to one decimal […]

Cycling Breakaway Calculator

If you’re looking to break away from the pack, here’s a handy cycling breakaway calculator. All you need is a distance and time, and we’ll […]

Race Time Improvement Calculator

Here in this article, we will talk about the Race Time Improvement Calculator, one of our calculators in the sports section, and with this tool, runners […]

Winning Percentage Calculator

With our simple Winning Percentage Calculator, calculating the winning percentage is a breeze. All you have to do is enter data such as victories and […]

Running Split Calculator

Whether you are preparing yourself for marathons or shorter-distance races, our Running Split Calculator is used to help you organize and plan your running training. […]

ERG Calculator

ERG calculator or rowing calculator helps calculate the most important parameters related to using a rowing ergometer. For example, you will be able to determine […]

Steps to Miles Calculator

The Steps to Miles Calculator helps you convert walked steps into miles. For a healthy life, doctors and scientists recommend having regular physical activities and […]

Tennis Ball Usage Calculator

This Tennis Ball Usage Calculator calculates how many of them you need during one match. Also, do you want to know from what material tennis […]

Marathon Pace Calculator

This Marathon Pace Calculator will help you to plan your next race. The important thing that every runner needs to know about their training is […]

GAA Calculator – Goals Against Average

Our GAA Calculator – Goals Against Average is a very good tool, save it! Anyone interested in GAA hockey, what does GAA mean, goals allowed, […]

Net Run Rate Calculator

The Net Run Rate (NRR) is a crucial tool used in ranking teams in international cricket tournaments. It is especially important in the ICC Cricket […]

eFG Calculator – Effective Field Goal

Our eFG Calculator – Effective Field Goal can assist you in determining your eFG% during a basketball game. Have you or your team made a […]

ERA Calculator – Earned Run Average

Regardless of whether you are a baseball fan or just curious about it; for measuring the value of the earned run average (pitchers’ performance), you […]

Target Heart Rate Calculator

This Target Heart Rate Calculator is for anyone who takes his health and fitness seriously, because hitting the target heart rate is very important. So, […]

WHIP Calculator for Baseball

Whether you are sports analysts or just a casual baseball fan, and you want to track the performance of your favorite pitchers, feel free to […]

TS Calculator – True Shooting Percentage

The number of points scored in one basketball game cannot be a criterion for the quality of one basketball player. But the percentage of success […]

Stairs Calorie Calculator

You plan to lose weight, but you don’t know how to calculate how many burned calories (kcal/min) you can get per workout? Don’t worry a second because […]

Passer Rating Calculator

Sports calculators are important for any athlete or physically active person. A sports calculator is developed to use match statistics and present players’ facts and […]

Jump Rope Calorie Calculator

Welcome to the Jump Rope Calorie Calculator. It makes no difference if you want to jump rope for weight reduction, cardio, or to start a […]

Fielding Percentage (FPCT) Calculator

Baseball is one of the most challenging sports in many ways. Hardcore baseball nerds will often say that this is the best sport in the […]

Stride Length Calculator

Today, calculators make many things easier. No more hours of torture to check that the calculation is correct. Nowadays, we enter everything we need for […]

Batting Average Calculator

If you have ever been in a dilemma about how to calculate the average batting in many sports, this calculator will help you. This article […]

Wilks Calculator

Wilks calculator is used to calculate the power-to-weight ratio (strength) of a particular lifter compared with the ratios of other lifters across different categories. The […]

Hull Speed Calculator

It can be the key to saving from danger in many situations regarding speed. You can view speed from different angles. In this article, we […]

Bruce Protocol METs Calculator

You’ll discover all you need to know about the Bruce protocol stress test using our METs calculator. It’s a non-invasive stress test that’s used to […]

Race Predictor

All runners and athletes who desire to improve their race performance can benefit from Race Predictor. Our running time calculator will predict the time for […]