Fat in our body plays a significant role in the excellent functioning of the body. We store extra energy in fat. Lubricant warms us, coats our internal organs, and secretes chemicals that regulate the menstrual cycle. In other words, fat is essential for the body to be healthy.

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Things you probably didn’t know about it!

  1. Most people think of white mass in the abdomen, hips, and thighs when fat is mentioned. But in addition to white, there is also brown fat, which is prevalent in newborns to maintain their body temperature. Adults have only a tiny amount of brown fat.
  2. Almost no obese person has brown fat. Adults have about 50 grams of brown fat, which can burn four and a half kilograms of white fat a year. In the late forties and early fifties, people begin to lose brown fat associated with obesity in old age.
  3. All fat cells react to temperature and respond to cold by releasing their energy in heat. Scientists are now investigating how exactly this process takes place and whether they can manage it.
  4. The amount of fat depends on genetics, and one study found that exercise can affect the activation and extinction of specific genes responsible for storing fat. Those who exercised for only six months reduced their risk of developing diabetes and were less prone to obesity.
  5. The metabolism of some obese people works perfectly well, while obesity in others causes diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. The reason for this is that fat cells are different.
  6. Stem cells are similar to those taken from the embryo. A 2012 study found that fat removed during liposuction can be transformed into pluripotent stem cells or cells, creating muscles or bones.
  7. If you sleep, tiny fat cells can lose their ability to respond to insulin, leading to weight gain or, ultimately, diabetes.

Is it bad for health?

Obesity is bad for health, but too much belly fat is an even worse thing. Buying more comfortable pants is not the only inconvenience that excess belly fat creates. They can have a terrible effect on our health. Accumulation of unhealthy fats on the stomach (visceral fats) refers to fats deposited on the liver and other organs in the abdominal cavity.

This can cause several negative consequences such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, colorectal cancer, and sleep apnea. The fat that is located just under the skin has insulating properties and provides us with heat. The belly fat, which is located deep in the abdomen, fills the space between the organs and secretes chemicals that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypotension, and diabetes.

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