ERG calculator or rowing calculator helps calculate the most important parameters related to using a rowing ergometer. For example, you will be able to determine your split and total time, distance, or energy in watts depending on what parameters you know.

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Ergometer (ERG) – Definition

What is an ergometer? The ergometer comes from the Greek words ergon and metron, which means work or measure. Therefore, an ergometer is an exercise device that measures the work done during exercise.

An ergometer is one of the names for an indoor rower or, as certain translate as a rowing machine, and our rowing calculator is specifically for this type of ergometer. An indoor rower measures the amount of energy a rower uses while exercising on equipment. These devices display the time required to row 500 meters at each stroke power, called split rate or split. Therefore, another name for this calculator is the ERG split calculator.

How Many Calories Does Rowing Burn – Formula

If you have rowers indoors, not all parameters that interest you may be displayed. This will help our rowing split calculator! Here are the variables you can calculate:

  • Distance;
  • Total time;
  • 500 meters split; and
  • Energy in watts.

Experts and researchers say the general rule is that weight loss is about 75% of the diet and 25% of exercise.

Reducing calories with a good diet is far easier than burning on a rower. However, a diet and a good exercise program is the best combination to achieve great results.

Weight (Lbs)IntensityTime (Hours)Calories Burned
Table of calorie values, based on weight, time and intensity.

After some research on the web, one researcher showed an average of how many calories are lost while rowing.

It should be on your mind that these numbers will vary from person to person because the formula considers age, weight, and heart rate. Your heart rate will be higher, and you will burn more calories if you are not in shape.

A man in shape, weighing 185 pounds, who paddles for 1 hour, will burn fewer calories than the same man who paddles if he is not in shape. This is because a man out of shape has to invest more energy and effort to complete the same workout.

ERG Calculator – How to Use?

Using our ergometer calculator is very simple, and you can easily determine the ERG score. Just enter values in any two calculator fields, omitting the values you want to calculate. Let’s test it with a practical example.

ERG Calculator – Example

A person paddles in the hall every day. He reduced his time in the 500 meters to 1 minute and 34 sec. He wonders how long it would take him to keep this pace at a full 2,000 meters.

  1. We know two values: 500 m split time and total distance. That’s enough to use an ERG split calculator.
  2. The person did 500 m in the hall in 1 minute and 34 seconds, which is 94 seconds:

500 meters in 94 sec.

2000 meters in ? sec.

With proportions, you can create the following equation:

2000 \times 94 = 500 \times X

(2000 \times 94) \div 500 = X

X = 376

A person should make 2000 meters in 376 seconds, which is 6 minutes and 16 seconds.

If we enter values in the ERG split calculator and if we want to see how many calories it will burn per 1000 meters, our calculator calculates that the time it takes is 3 minutes and 8 sec, which gives a result of 421 watts.


Is the ERG a good workout?

The main reason why training on a rowing machine is effective is that rowing is an exercise for the whole body from the very beginning. Rowing activates almost twice as much muscle mass as other activities such as running and cycling. One swing of the rowing device affects the tendons of the knee, gluteus, core muscles, arms, and back. In addition, calories are burned by rowing.

Is 20 minutes of rowing enough?

Studies show that endorphins, or neurochemicals are released during exercise and they make you feel good. They are regularly active for about 20 minutes. So exercising for about 20 minutes can give you inflammation of the whole body, making you feel good for hours. So 20 minutes of rowing is quite enough for a good workout.

Should I row every day?

If you’re exercising to stay healthy, it’s enough to use a rowing machine for 30 minutes a day with medium intensity, or 15 minutes a day at high intensity. But if you are rowing for weight loss or sports training, you may have to do it several times a day or possibly every day.

How long does it take to see results from rowing?

Rowing results can be seen within the first few weeks of starting a consistent rowing routine, but you will often feel more dramatic results after 90 days.

What is a good 500m split time?

2:00 means you need two minutes to cross 500 meters. But, of course, the more you work, the faster you paddle, the lower that number is. Two minutes in average are considered to be a good passing time to cross 500 meters.
Also, 1:30 is pretty good for 500m, but research shows it’s 1:15 miles away because it takes power.