Here in this article, we will talk about the Race Time Improvement Calculator, one of our calculators in the sports section, and with this tool, runners and people who keep track of running time when training can check their progress in percentages. All our calculator needs are for you to record recent race results. After this, you can, with a couple of steps, find what would be the target score for 3-5 percent of the gain. 

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What our calculator offers you

Our Race Time Improvement Calculator offers you many different options, normal and advanced, which we will talk about in detail when explaining step by step. Out of the improvements in our calculator, you will be able to find these:

  • 1% Improvement in time
  • 2% Improvement in time
  • 3% Improvement in time
  • 4% Improvement in time
  • 5% Improvement in time
  • 7% Improvement in time
  • And lastly, Improvement of time by 10%

Besides this option, there is also an option to input values in different time units, whether in hours, minutes, seconds, or even days. When in need to select a certain type of progress you want, there is an option in advanced mode; you can select by how much you want to improve. Results will be displayed below the values entered.

Some math behind running

Our Race Time Improvement Calculator is closely connected and based on a simple math formula for calculating time improvements. Here is an example of how it works:

  1. Target improvement time= 10% so, after that, the improved time (IT)will be:
  2. IT = 90% of race time and an equation for that is:
  3. \text{IT }=\text{race time }\cdot0.90

That is the formula for calculating the progress time for running. With this, you can calculate different improvements if you wish. 

Run step by step with our calculator

Now, we will show an example of how you can use our Race Time Improvement Calculator and its different options. We will assume that you just ran a 5km distance runand now you want to see by how much you will need to improve and what the target time will be.

You race time is: 30min

After that, our calculator will show the following results:

  • 1% improvement time = 29.7min
  • 2% improvement time = 29.4min
  • 3% improvement time = 29.1min
  • 4% improvement time = 28.8min
  • 5% improvement time = 28.5min
  • 7% improvement time = 27.9min
  • 10% improvement time =27min

Let’s say that you want to know the detailed 11% improvement of your record, but you can not see it in the results; well, that is why we have our advanced option. After opening and typing the improvement you want, even for half percent, in this example, we will input 11 percent improvement. The calculator will show the following:

  • I want to improve by 11%
  • Your better time: 26.7min

As you can see, it is pretty simple and straightforward, all you need is to know what your race duration result is, and our calculators will do the rest. Our tool can also calculate the progress done by a runner of a marathon, which has a larger distance, due to different units.

Harder, longer, faster – improve your race time

While in the beginning, it may be easier to track progress in minutes since it is easier to improve when you just start. On the other hand, when the improvement concerns someone who has been doing fitness, with pace for years, it becomes harder and harder to progress by just a single minute, so it is better to track advancement by percentage, which is much more practical. This tool is one of the best for runners running ten miles or more, at different paces.

We hope our Race Time Improvement Calculator will help calculate your progress. While you are here, check out our other calculators, such as the Stride Length Calculator and Race predictor Calculator.


What is a marathon?

A marathon is a race over 26.2 miles or 42 kilometers.

What is the best way to improve running speed?

Overall, the best way to improve your speed is to practice with different terrains, and train your endurance.

Since when is running an Olympic sport?

Running is the oldest and most important Olympic sport, dating all the way back to 776 BC.