The Steps to Miles Calculator helps you convert walked steps into miles. For a healthy life, doctors and scientists recommend having regular physical activities and a calm lifestyle. Therefore, walking is one of the best and easiest ways to maintain your mental and physical health.

Every smartphone tracks your steps and pushes you forward to your daily goal. Accordingly, every step counts and leads you to wanted daily mileage. To clarify, this calculator calculates how many miles you walked based on the number of achieved steps and average stride length. Also, for an easier stride length calculation, use our Stride Length Calculator.

Additionally, If you are just starting with physical activities and find climbing stairs a good start, use our Stairs Calorie Calculator to count burned calories. On the other hand, if you are preparing for your first marathon, our Marathon Pace Calculator will help you plan your practices and race.

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Unit description – steps, miles 

A mile is a historical unit of distance used in the United States and the United Kingdom, among a few countries. One mile is 1609.344 meters as per the international agreement from 1959. Also, 1 mile is 5280 ft.

A step is a distance person makes with one leg movement, so it is a unit of measurement for length. A stride length of a single step varies, but the average stride length for men is assumed to be 2.5 ft (0.762 meters), and for women it is 2.2 ft (0.67 meters).

Conversion formula

Steps to miles calculator uses formula with different parameters for methods to find the right conversions. Generally, a stride length and number of steps are the main values.

The first method uses average stride length for specified gender and number of walked steps. The product of these numbers is in feet, thus it should be converted to miles.

The second method uses a person’s height and gender by which it assumes the stride length. Then it does the same calculation with given step numbers.

Finally, the third method is the most precise since a person enters its exact average stride length and an exact number of walked steps. Our Stride Length Calculator can help you with this method first.

Convert steps to miles 

Using these mentioned parameters, the conversion formula to convert steps to miles is:

D_f = SL  \times Steps

Firstly, D stands for distance; f is for feet. The abbreviation SL is for a stride length. First result is in feet. Then, it should be converted to mi. Since there is 5280 feet in one mile, the calculation looks like this:

D_m = \frac{Df}{5280}

Convert miles to steps 

If we want to do the opposite conversion, the formula changes. After conversion to feet, we have a new formula. That is:

Steps = \frac{D_f} {SL}

Conversion chart 

Because we have estimations with common values, we can roughly show the conversion results.

Steps WalkedRoughly estimated mileage
Conversion chart

But, to be sure and get more accurate results, use our calculator.

Calculating calories burned 

Walking is one of the easiest activities that are good for your body and wellness. Furthermore, it improves your health condition, posture and burns calories. Also, it is estimated that an average person burns 0.04 calories per one step. So, an average person burns approximately 400 kcal by walking 10000 steps.

However, the number of calories burned while walking depends on the body shape, gender, height, and weight of a person. To find out how many calories you burn while walking, you need to calculate your body measurements, number of steps, and walk pace. Of course, it varies based on your physical condition and the pace of the activity.

How to use steps to miles calculator? 

This calculator asks for a few details and then does the full calculation of conversion. Accordingly, you should select:

  • stride length (you can enter your own or select an average 2.2 ft for women and 2.5 ft for men),
  • your gender and height sometimes (depending on the selected method), and
  • walked steps.

Firstly, it calculates the distance in feet. Then, it converts the feet result into miles in the background, staying simple and showing you only the important calculations. Finally, it shows estimated results.


For example, let’s use an average stride length for men and recommended steps per day. This stride length for men is 2.5 ft, and recommended steps per day is 10000. In this case, the formula looks like this:

D_f=2.5 \cdot 10000

Then, we have D_f=25000 ft.

Since it shows feet results, next we make a new calculation for D_m.

Because 1 mile has 5280 feet, then we have:

So, D_m= 25000 \div 5280

As a result, D_m=4.7348

Therefore, with a recommended 10000 steps a day, a person makes 4.7348 mi.


How many steps is 10 miles? 

Here we are using the opposite calculation. So, if we assume that the walker is a male and has an average stride length, he will walk 21120 steps for a distance of 10 miles.

How many steps does it take to walk a mile? 

Using an average value for a male stride length, it takes 2112 steps to walk a mile. On the other hand, a woman with an average stride length takes 2400 steps for a mile.

How many miles is 20000 steps? 

The calculator shows that an average male person walks 9.47 miles with 20000 steps. Likewise, an average female walker takes 20000 steps for a distance of 8.333 miles. However, if you have an unaverage stride length, enter your exact values in the calculator to find your precise distance.

1500 steps to miles? 

An average male walker takes 1500 for 0.7012 miles. On the contrary, the woman takes the same set of steps to cover 0.625 miles. But, to know your distance in miles with 1500 steps, enter your personal details in the calculator.

30000 steps to miles? 

An average man takes 30000 steps for 14.205 miles. The average woman takes the same number of steps for 12.5 miles. For the exact results, you should enter precise personal details.

50000 steps to miles? 

50000 steps of a male with an average stride length cover 23.674 miles. If the walker is a female, in this case, for the same number of steps, she covers 20.833 mi.

How many miles is equivalent to 10000 steps? 

An average female walker covers 4.167 miles with 10000 steps. And an average male walker with the same number of steps covers 4.735 miles.

How to calculate an average stride? 

A length of a stride depends on the height, age, and gender. It is calculated by dividing the covered distance by the number of steps taken. Furthermore, to find the average stride length, one can measure a few steps and find the arithmetic mean afterward.