The number of points scored in one basketball game cannot be a criterion for the quality of one basketball player. But the percentage of success of the shot is definitely a criterion for the success of that basketball player in the game.

TS or True Shooting Percentage Calculator is an ideal tool that you can use to calculate the percentage of player shots. Below we will introduce you to the statistics, formulas, and ways to use this calculator. If you like sports, check our other sports calculators like the Batting Average Calculator and Race Predictor, or maybe Tennis Ball Usage Calculator.

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What is True Shooting Percentage?

The term true shooting percentage, also known as TS%, shows the value of a player’s performance expressed as a percentage. You can use it to calculate the effects of basketball players on free throws. Also, you can use it to calculate the effectiveness of other types of kicks. The Professional Basketball Research Metrics Association has approved the use of this statistical measure, which is increasingly in use in basketball.

True Shooting Percentage – Formula

The formula for calculating the true shooting percentage takes into account the number of total points scored, true shooting attempts, and the number of free throws attempts. You can use the following formula to calculate the true percentage:

TS\% = \frac{TPS}{2\cdot FGA + (0.88\cdot FTA)}


TPS – Total Points Score

FGA – Field Goal Attempts

FTA – Free Throw Attempts

True shooting percentage – Example

For example, we will imagine that an NN player has the following data:

  • Total Points Achieved: 1,456
  • Field Goal Attempts: 790
  • Free Throw Attempts: 350

Based on this data, it is necessary to calculate the TS expressed as a percentage. You can calculate this by first finding the TSA value (Total Shooting Attempts) and then the TS value. And you can also calculate using the main formula that considers the values ​​given in the task set.

TS\% = \frac{1456}{2\cdot 790 + (0.88\cdot 350)} = 77,12\%

Following the obtained results, the conclusion is that the NN player with 1,456 points, 790 goal attempts, and 350 free throw attempts has the correct percentage of shots in the amount of 77.12%.

Field Goal Attempts, Free Throw Attempts, and True Shooting Attempts – Elaborate

You can use a lot of abbreviations to clarify the calculation of formulas, so now is the time to define them.

FGA stands for Field Goal Attempts

You can also use the term field goal in basketball. You can use it to indicate the number of dunks or shots in the basket for 3 points. A field goal is any type of shot, except a free throw, which the player directs towards the basket and scores a goal. The percentage of basketball field goals scored is a statistic of the shots scored, one of the most critical data. 

In most cases, all players who score high percentages of goals in the game score double-digit points per game played. The procedure for calculating this percentage depends on the ratio of hits scored and the number of attempts. The number obtained is multiplied by 100 to express the result as a percentage. Check this eFG Calculator – Effective Field Goal for more info about on this subject.

FTA stands for Free Throw Attempts

You can also use the term Free Throw in basketball. This term indicates free-kick shots. Free shooting is a type of hit on the basket awarded to a basketball player after an established offense against him. They generally carry the value of one point, and players can try their hand at free throws several times during the game. This is an ideal opportunity to achieve a point advantage and a turnaround during the game.

TSA stands for True Shooting Attempts

This is another statistical measure for the number of true attempts to hit the basket. You can calculate it by taking into account the number of achieved FGAs in the match, adding the product of the number of achieved FTAs ​​and the coefficient of 0.44.

TS Calculator – How to Use?

Using our true shooting percentage calculator is extremely simple. Like our other calculators, which you can see on our official website, they have precisely marked fields where you need to enter specific values. So accordingly, our TS calculator contains fields for entering point values, FGA and FTA. The resulting amount is the amount of TS expressed as a percentage. Just enter arbitrary values and try out the possibilities of our calculator.

True Shooting Percentage – Real-world usage

By applying these basketball statistics, you can help the players in your team. Based on the results achieved for each player, you can identify mistakes and find ways to be better. With this information, you can know where the key to success is for your progress and assess the player’s skills. In the case of betting, you can use these statistics to ensure the appearance of your winnings. If you are a true ardent fan, you can use the data to know more about the capabilities and skills of each player of the team you follow.

You can also correlate this statistical value with another statistical measure, points per 100 possessions. You can use it to indicate the number of points that a team achieves per 100 possessions, considering the speed of play. Why can we link these two statistics? Precisely because if a team scores more points per 100 possessions, that means it will achieve a higher percentage of a real shot. As one value increases, so does another and vice versa. It follows, therefore, that values ​​are correlated, but that does not mean that they always cause each other.

NBA True Shooting Percentage – Leaders and Records

There are many successful basketball players and their teams in history. When it comes to professional basketball players and their statistics achieved in their careers so far, you can view them by specific values. Following the TS% values for the NBA League, below is a table of the top 5 basketball players who are still active.

Stephen Curry62.4%
Kevin Durant61.5%
James Harden61.1%
Dweight Howard60.2%
LeBron James58.7%
Top 5 basketball players by TS%


What’s an excellent true shooting percentage?

The average of a good percentage of real shooting has long been considered 50.0 TS%. However, many years of analysis and research of players during matches show that this average is rising. For the 2020/2021 season, the league average is 56.8%, while the so-called elite standard is almost above 60.0%.

Who has the highest true shooting percentage ever?

The world holder of the highest real shots is Rudy Gobert (NBA), whose TS% is 66.7%.

What is LeBron James’ true shooting percentage?

Statistics TS% in the season 2021/2022 for LeBron James is 58.7%.

What is Effective Field Goal Percentage?

The effective percentage of goals is the statistical value of the team’s performance on the field. If the eFG% is more than 50% for your team, that is a good percentage.