Our daily day begins with certain activities that include business commitments. Every day, as employees, we strive to earn some extra money in addition to our regular salary. The fact is that many individuals earn more through successful jobs and commissions than through pre-determined fixed salaries. This is why we are talking today about the importance of commission as a lucrative field for many business people who want to make extra money. We suggest you continue reading the article for more information on this topic.

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What is Commission Calculator?

Our commission calculator is a tool that calculates a percentage-based fee for you in a straightforward way. You can do this calculation in any way, it is enough to fill in the required fields, and the rest will be calculated automatically by entering data. He illustrates the functioning of the commission concept by linking it to the selling price. Its unique use is reflected in the fact that it can find a commission with information on the selling price and commission rate, selling price of commission and commission rate, and commission rate of selling price and commission.

How to calculate commission?

The commission calculation is based on the concept of percentages, where we divide the obtained percentage rate by 100 if we plan to use it further in the calculations, or multiply it again by 100 if you need a percentage result. Two elements are required: the total value of realized sales and the percentage of commission. The sale value is further multiplied by the commission percentage and divided by 100 (if necessary).

Commission = Total \; Sales \times Commission \; Percentage

SP – Sales price

PC – Percentage of commission offered

Commission = \frac {SP  \cdot   PC}{100}

How to calculate commission from sales?

To begin with, we need to define the term sales commission. This refers to how most sellers receive additional compensation for the effort they invest. There is a simple and complex sales commission depending on whether the product has a simple or complex sales process and the exact length of the sales process. The method of calculating the sales commission needs to be understood by everyone to adhere to all the rules and not waste time focusing on unnecessary things.

It would be best to be very precise, accurate, transparent, and ultimately efficient in calculating the sales commission. There are specific steps that need to be done each time to arrive at accurately computed results.

  • The first step, also the most important, refers to the confirmation periods of the commission for transactions because the commission rates can change on a monthly or quarterly basis. You need to confirm the amount of income in the business required to pay a commission on the sale. After confirmation, check the base of the commission rate following the various components of the job.
  • The next step is to calculate the commission payable by multiplying the sales revenue by the commission rate. After calculating the commission owed, you need to extract any commission variable. And if a business plan uses multiple commission rates, they need to be recorded and applied.

You can then calculate all the overcomes that aim to reward high achievements. The commission payment procedure takes place at the time of signing the contract. If, after 90 days, the buyer has still not made the payment, it is necessary to return any commission paid and deduct it from the total amount at the end.

How to calculate insurance commission?

Another type of commission is those that make up the fundamental aspect of insurance sales. Specific fees to insurance agents are related to the commission paid on the policy premium. Calculating the mentioned premiums is of great importance because it gives the agent insight into how much he will be paid later.

The calculation is done by first taking the premium paid on the insurance policy and multiplying that amount by the amount of the basic commission. Then multiply the premium by the overdraft amount and add up the previous amount. The sum of these two calculated amounts represents the total insurance commission.

How do I calculate a 1% commission?

If you wonder how to calculate a 1% commission, we will now give you further instructions on how to do this. First, you need to define 1% of the selling price, then divide that amount by 100. When calculating, move the decimal place from the selling price amount to two places to the left, and any of the values obtained represent 1% of the commission.

How to calculate real estate commission?

When it comes to real estate transactions, agents are paid for their work in the form of commissions instead of fixed fees. The real estate commission calculation process is essential because of the results related to the commission rates for your business. The real estate commission is most often expressed as a percentage. It is calculated by dividing the portion of the agreed payment by 100 and then multiplying that amount by the initial price of the real estate. Pay special attention to the fact that the amount of the commission is included in the cost of sales and not in the additional fee.


1. What is a typical commission?

This indicator depends on what is being sold. The commission rate for industrial goods ranges between 7% and 15% of the sales value. For services, the commission rate is higher and is between 20%  and 50% in many cases.

2. What is a reasonable commission rate for sales?

A typical sales commission percentage usually ranges between 20% and 30% of the gross margin. If a lower level is achieved, sales professionals can earn up to 5% of sales, while 100% commission is allowed for direct commission structures.

3. What types of commissions do we distinguish?

In addition to the introductory commissions we mentioned, we also distinguish between the bonus commission, salary plus commission, variable, graduate, and remaining commission, as a group of some of the most used in practice.