You want to convert gallons to pounds for different liquids, but in an easy and quick way? So, we recommend you to play around with our Gallons to Pounds Calculator and use it for the liquid conversions between gallons and pounds. Therefore, read the text below and learn more about gallon unit, liquids and their densities, how much different liquids weigh and how to calculate everything properly with our Gallons to Pounds Calculator.

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How Much is a Gallon?

A gallon (gal) is a volume unit used to measure liquid capacity. Generally, you can find it in both US customary and British imperial measurement systems.

There are three types of gallon units:

  • The imperial gal (4.54 liters) – mostly used in Commonwealth countries and some Caribbean states 
  • The US liquid gal (3.785 liters)
  • The US dry gal (4.405 liters)

Compared to pounds, another measurement unit that we will use in our converter, a pound is a unit of mass (what is the weight of something). Pound (lb) is equivalent to 0.45 kg. Additionally, you will learn how to convert gallons to pounds and see how you can do it with the help of our Gallons to Pounds Calculator.

Gallons to Pounds Conversion

Gallons to Pounds Conversion is dependent on the density of the liquid you are converting. Therefore, calculating it manually without any tool is not recommended. Instead, we recommend you use our simple converter that considers the density of the liquid before converting gallons to pounds.

The standard formula needed for the calculation is the following equation:

Density = \frac{mass}{volume}

Without knowing the density of the liquid, we are incapable of converting gallons to pounds. However, as we said earlier, please make use of our Density Calculator and instantly get the density of a liquid by providing the mass and volume. If you have trouble with different density or volume units, head to these Density Conversion and Volume Conversion tools.

For example, water at 4.0 °C temperature is dense around 1 g/ml. But, a unit of density belongs to the metric system, which is the problem when converting manually. So, in order to calculate everything properly, you first need to convert it into the imperial measurement system because gallons and pounds are only measured in it. You cannot mix units from different unit systems.

Gallons to Pounds Conversion for Different Liquids

We have already explained that liquids have different densities, and because of it, the conversion from gallons to pounds or pounds to gallons will always give you a different result.

One of the benefits of our Gallons to Pounds Calculator is that it gives you a list of common liquids, and just by clicking on one of them and providing the volume, it will return the converted value in lb. So, you don’t need to bother with any formula or heavy calculations. Generally, our converter is a one-click handy tool for converting gallons of water to pounds or any other liquid.

You will see the conversion rate for one gallon to pounds of most common liquids in the table below.

Liquid (1 gal)DensityWeight in lb
Water0.998 g/ml8.329
Beer1.01 g/ml8.429
Cider1.007 g/ml 8.404
Crude Oil0.915 g/ml7.636
Diesel (fuel)0.85 g/ml 7.094
Gasoline (petrol)0.737 g/ml6.152
Honey1.42 g/ml11.85
Ice Cream0.56 g/ml4.673
Jet Fuel0.804 g/ml 6.71
Milk1.035 g/ml8.637
Olive oil0.92 g/ml 7.678
Orange juice1.038 g/ml 8.663
Paint1.198 g/ml9.998
Propane (liquid)0.493 g/ml4.114
Wine0.99 g/ml8.262
Gals to lb Conversions for Liquids

Gallons to Pounds Calculator – How to Use?

You could have read through the text that we recommended to you our tool that will ease the process of converting gallons (gal) to pounds for you. But, now you may be wondering how the tool works and learn the steps you need to take to utilize it properly.

This section will walk you through the calculator and explain its usage.


  • When you open up the calculator on our website or mobile app, the first thing you do is pick the liquid for which you are making the conversions (beer, water, gasoline, honey, milk, etc.)
  • After selecting the liquid, our calculator will automatically consider how dense it is and include that factor in the formula. Then, enter the volume of the liquid in US gallons
  • Gallons to Pounds Calculator will convert gallons to pounds and express the weight in lb

What Does Weigh More: A Gallon of Diesel or Gasoline?

Another very useful feature of our Gallons to Pounds Calculator is the ability to specify the custom density of the liquid. Why would you do so? Because there are some liquids such as paint, milk, and gasoline for which you never have a universal density. It depends on their contents, and thus you need to be more specific and specify it by yourself.

If you head over to our converter, you will see the button below “Advanced mode,” which adds an extra option to you, and you can enter the custom density for a liquid you are using in gallons to pounds conversion.

A gallon (gal) of diesel vs. gasoline?


A gallon of diesel weighs 7.094 lb 

A gallon of gasoline weighs 6.15 lb

Therefore, the winner is diesel which weighs almost one pound more than gasoline.

Gallons to Pounds Calculator – Example

Okay, let’s put into practice everything we learned and use our Gallons to Pounds Calculator in a real example.

Scenario: Suppose you have 5 gallons of milk, and you are required to convert it to lb. How to calculate it with our converter?

5 gallons to pounds (milk) = 43.19 lb

Alternative Scenario: You want to calculate how much 55 gallons of beer weighs?

55 gallons to pounds (beer) = 475.1 lb

You could see how easy it is to convert gallons to pounds using our Gallons to Pounds Calculator.


How many gallons (gal) are in a pound?

Approximately, for pure water at 4°C, one pound is equivalent to 0.119826427 gallons. For other temperatures and liquids, besides water, you need to know the liquid density in order to do the conversion.

How much does one gallon of water weigh?

Let’s observe three different scenarios:
– Water at 24°C (room temperature), one gal of water has a weight of 8.345 lb
– For water above freezing level, 4°C, one gal of water is equivalent to 8.329 lb
– At boiling level (100°C), a gal of water has a weight of 8.003 lb

How heavy is a gallon of fuel?

Fuel is lighter than milk or honey, for example. Generally, a gal of fuel (diesel) weighs 7.094 pounds. Additionally, 40 gallons of fuel equals 283.74 pounds.

Convert 10 gallons to pounds for honey?

To convert from gallon to pounds, first we need to know the density of the liquid. Once you know it, you can proceed with the calculation part. However, the easier way to do the conversion is to use our simple conversion tool.
Choose honey from the list and enter the volume. Finally, check the weight displayed in the calculator: 10 gallons of honey = 118.5 pounds (lb)

How much does one gallon of milk weigh?

One gal of milk has a weight of 8.637 pounds.

Convert 55 gallons of paint to pounds?

Paint is probably one of the densest liquids. Therefore, even a gallon of it weighs a high number of pounds. For example, if you take 55 gallons of paint and convert it into pounds – it equals 549.9 lb.

How many water bottles is a gallon?

To find out how many bottles of water (ounces) you need for a gallon, first, we need to determine the size of the bottles. Therefore, for example, only four bottles of 32 ounces will be enough to make up a gallon. On the other hand, you will need eight bottles of 16 ounces for a gallon.