This is the Torr to Atm Conversion tool for converting torrs to atms (standard atmospheres). The article includes a definition of the torr unit and correlations between torr and atm (unit of pressure). In torr, what is the atmospheric pressure? How many torrs equal one atm? How much is 750 torr to atm, or maybe 720 torr to atm? Is there any pressure conversion table that would make our lives easier? If you’ve ever wondered about one of these topics, you’ve come to the correct place!

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What is a Torr Unit?

Because the early barometers were made of mercury (Hg) inside a vertical glass, the natural pressure unit was mmHg (or mm Hg), which stands for a millimetre of mercury. Furthermore, mmHg and torr are almost the same units.

The torr (symbol: Torr) is a pressure unit defined as exactly 1/760 of a familiar atmosphere on an absolute scale (101325 Pa). As a result, one torr equals 101325/760 pascals (133.32 Pa). It was named torr in honor of Evangelista Torricelli, an Italian mathematician and physicist who established the barometer principle in 1644.

When Torricelli presented the first mercury barometer to the wider population, he drew interest. He is recognized as the first to explain atmospheric pressure in a modern way. Small variations in height that happened in barometers were familiar to scientists at the time. The study of meteorology was born when these oscillations were explained as manifestations of changes in atmospheric pressure.

Torr to Atm Formula

A torr is the same as 1/760 atm of pressure. So it is as easy as dividing the pressure figure by 760 to convert pressure from torr to atmosphere.

\frac {Torr} {760}=\;atm

Torr to Other Units – Conversion

One of the most widely used pressure units is torr, atm, mmHg, or bar ; however, it is not the only one. Other metric and imperial quantities (units) include pascals (Pa) and pounds per square inch (psi), to name a couple.

Here are some instances of torr to other unit conversions that you could encounter:

1 \, Torr = 0.9999998575337 \, mmHg \newline 1 \, Torr = 0.001333 \, bar \newline 1 \, Torr = 2.784437 \, lbs/ft^2 \newline 1 \, Torr = 0.039370 \, inHg \, (inch \, of \, mercury) \newline 1 \, Torr = 1.359510 \, cm \, H_2O \newline 1 \, Torr = 133.322368 \, Pa \newline 1 \, Torr = 1.333223 \, hPa \newline 1 \, Torr = 0.1000002763 \, centimeter \, mercury

Torr to Atm – Conversion Table

The table below shows some most usually used conversions between torr and atm.

1 torr to atm = 0.00132 atm
10 torr to atm = 0.01316 atm
50 torr to atm = 0.06579 atm
100 torr to atm = 0.13158 atm
200 torr to atm = 0.26316 atm
500 torr to atm = 0.65789 atm
1000 torr to atm = 1.31579 atm

How to Convert Torr to Atm Using Our Torr to Atm Calculator?

Our converter is as straightforward as it gets! It supports conversions from various units. These are the actions you need to do if you want to change 500 Torr to atm (standard atmosphere):

  • In the field with a Torr unit, type 500;
500 \;Torr \times \frac {1} {760} = 0.65789\; atm
  • So, 0.65789 atm is the result of multiplying 500 by the conversion factor.
  • That concludes our discussion. 0.65789 atm is equal to 500 torr.

Torr to Atm Conversion – Example

One atm is exactly 760 torrs. Let’s say, for example, you want to know how much atms is 12365 torrs. You can easily calculate it if you use our converter. All you have to do is to multiply the number of torr units by the fraction 1/760. And that is it. In conclusion, you will get:

12365 \times \frac {1} {760}=\;16.2697


How do you convert torr to atm?

According to the definition in the previous section, one standard atmosphere contains exactly 760 torrs.
As you can see, it is as simple as multiplying the number of torr with a fraction of 1/760.
According to this definition, if we convert, for example, 745 torrs to atmosphere (unit of pressure), the result would be 0.9803 atm.

How many torrs makes an atm?

According to the definition in the previous section, one standard atmosphere contains exactly 760 torrs. So, if we take 755 torrs and want to convert it to atms, the result would be 0.9934.

What is the correct conversion factor if you want to convert 2 atmospheres to torr?

Multiply the number in atm by 760 to get the comparable value in torr for a standard atmospheric value (the conversion factor). The formula is as follows:
Value \, in \, torr = value \, in \, atm \times 760
If you need to convert 2 atm to torrs, use the above conversion formula:
2 \times 760 = 1520 \, torrs

What is the SI unit of torr?

SI unit for torr is pressure, defined exactly as 1/760 of a standard atmosphere (101325 Pa) or (0.03937 inch of mercury).

How can you convert 760 torrs to atm?

The pressure p in atmospheres (atm) equals the pressure p in torr (torr) multiplied by 0.00132, which is:
p(atm) = p(torr) \times 0.00132
p(atm) = 760 \times 0.00132 = 1.0032

How to convert 836 torrs to atmospheres?

The principle is easy. All you have to do is to multiply 836 with 0.00132.
atm = 836 \times 0.00132 = 1.10352