The solution to your dilemma is our Pounds to Cups Calculator. You may convert flour pounds to cups as well as sugar cups to pounds. A basic explanation, conversion table, may be found by scrolling below.

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What are pounds?

A pound is a common measurement for measuring the amount of mass or substance in something. Perhaps you recall studying about mass and matter in science class. Have you ever held a football in your hands? It’s only around a pound! I like to imagine that the number of pounds indicates how weighty something is. Because it contains a lot of substance, a hefty item will weigh many pounds.

Pound, avoirdupois weight unit of 16 ounces, 7,000 grains, or 0.45359237 kg, and troy and apothecaries weight unit of 12 ounces, 5,760 grains or 0.3732417216 kg. The acronym lb comes from the Roman predecessor of the contemporary pound, the libra. Several libra derivations competed for acceptance in medieval England. The Tower pound, named after the Royal Mint in the Tower of London, was used for precious metals and pharmaceuticals and contained 5,400 grains, or 0.350 kg, whereas the commercial pound held 6,750 grains or 0.437 kg. In 1527, the heavier Tower pound was replaced as the gold and silver standard by the troy pound, which is thought to have originated in Troyes, France. Increased commerce with France led to introducing the 16-ounce avoirdupois pound to replace the mercantile pound in the 16th century.

The minting of silver coins (sterlings) from the Tower pound is historically tied to the British monetary pound. Consequently, large sums were calculated in “pounds of sterlings,” which was ultimately abbreviated to “pounds sterling.”

Pounds to cups – flour

When it comes to measuring the amount of culinary items you’ll need, weight is typically more exact. You may use our pounds to cup converter if you prefer volume measurements like cups. However, keep in mind that product densities vary by brand, so the one you have may change somewhat. We picked an averaged figure from various sources, so the result should be OK. Our pounds to cups converter is a safe bet if your recipe doesn’t demand extreme accuracy.

PoundsCups (A.P. Flour)Cups (Bread Flour)Cups (Cake Flour)Cups (Rye Flour)Cups (Wheat Flour)
0.25 lb3/4 c3/4 c1 1/8 c1 1/8 c3/4 c
0.5 lb1 3/4 c1 3/4 c2 1/4 c2 1/4 c1 3/4 c
0.75 lb2 3/4 c2 2/3 c3 1/3 c3 1/3 c2 3/4 c
1 lb3 2/3 c3 1/2 c4 1/2 c4 1/2 c3 3/4 c
1.25 lb4 1/2 c4 1/2 c5 2/3 c5 1/2 c4 3/4 c
1.5 lb5 1/2 c5 1/3 c6 3/4 c6 2/3 c5 2/3 c
1.75 lb6 1/3 c6 1/4 c7 3/4 c7 3/4 c6 2/3 c
2 lb7 1/4 c7 1/8 c9 1/16 c8 3/4 c7 1/2 c
2.25 lb8 1/8 c8 1/16 c10 1/4 c10 1/16 c8 1/2 c
2.5 lb9 1/16 c8 3/4 c11 1/3 c11 1/8 c9 1/2 c
2.75 lb9 3/4 c9 3/4 c12 1/2 c12 1/4 c10 1/3 c
3 lb10 3/4 c10 3/4 c13 2/3 c13 1/3 c11 1/3 c
3.25 lb11 3/4 c11 2/3 c14 3/4 c14 1/2 c12 1/4 c
3.5 lb12 2/3 c12 1/2 c15 3/4 c15 1/2 c13 1/4 c
3.75 lb13 2/3 c13 1/3 c17 1/16 c16 2/3 c14 1/8 c
4 lb14 1/2 c14 1/4 c18 1/8 c17 3/4 c15 1/8 c
4.25 lb15 1/2 c15 1/8 c19 1/4 c18 3/4 c16 1/16 c
4.5 lb16 1/3 c16 1/16 c20 1/3 c20 1/16 c17 1/16 c
4.75 lb17 1/4 c16 3/4 c21 1/2 c21 1/8 c17 3/4 c
5 lb18 1/8 c17 3/4 c22 2/3 c22 1/4 c18 3/4 c
Table of pounds to cups – flour

Pounds to cups, cups to pounds – sugar

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering how many cups are in a pound of granulated sugar, brown sugar, or powdered sugar.

  1. Around 2.25 cups of granulated sugar are included in 1 pound of sugar.
  2. When securely packed, 1 pound of brown sugar (light or dark) yields roughly 2.33 cups. With this, most recipes ask for a tightly filled cup.
  3. Around 3.75 cups of powdered sugar are included in 1 pound of powdered sugar (unsifted).
  4. Around 2 cups of raw cane sugar are included in 1 pound of raw cane sugar.

The measurements above and those farther down the page are based on spooning sugar into a measuring cup and levelling it with a knife (without compacting). Using your cup to scoop sugar from a jar or bag may result in a different measurement.

Cups in a pound of granulated sugar

Pounds of SugarCups (US)
1/2 lb1.13 cups
1 lb2.25 cups
2 lb4.5 cups
5 lb11.25 cups
10 lb22.5 cups
Table of cups in a pound of granulated sugar

Cups in a pound of brown sugar (packed)

Pounds of SugarCups (US)
1/2 lb1.17 cups
1 lb2.33 cups
2 lb4.66 cups
5 lb11.65 cups
10 lb23.3 cups
Table of cups in a pound of brown sugar (packed)

Cups in a pound of powdered sugar (unsifted)

Pounds of SugarCups (US)
1/2 lb1.88 cups
1 lb3.75 cups
2 lb7.5 cups
5 lb18.75 cups
10 lb37.5 cups
Table of cups in a pound of powdered sugar (unsifted)

Cups in a pound of raw cane sugar

Pounds of SugarCups (US)
1/2 lb1 cups
1 lb2 cups
2 lb4 cups
5 lb10 cups
10 lb20 cups
Table of cups in a pound of raw cane sugar

How to Convert Pounds to Cups?

Divide the weight multiplied by 1.917223 by the density of the substance or material to convert a pound measurement to a cup measurement. Or just use this simple formula:

cups =  pounds × 1.917223 / ingredient density

Pound measurements converted to cups for commonly used ingredients in the calcualtor – tables

NumberWaterMilkCooking OilAll Purpose FlourGranulated Sugar
1 lb1.9172 c1.8614 c2.1787 c3.6242 c2.7389 c
2 lb3.8344 c3.7228 c4.3573 c7.2485 c5.4778 c
3 lb5.7517 c5.5841 c6.536 c10.87 c8.2167 c
4 lb7.6689 c7.4455 c8.7146 c14.5 c10.96 c
5 lb9.5861 c9.3069 c10.89 c18.12 c13.69 c
6 lb11.5 c11.17 c13.07 c21.75 c16.43 c
7 lb13.42 c13.03 c15.25 c25.37 c19.17 c
8 lb15.34 c14.89 c17.43 c28.99 c21.91 c
9 lb17.26 c16.75 c19.61 c32.62 c24.65 c
10 lb19.17 c18.61 c21.79 c36.24 c27.39 c
11 lb21.09 c20.48 c23.97 c39.87 c30.13 c
12 lb23.01 c22.34 c26.14 c43.49 c32.87 c
13 lb24.92 c24.2 c28.32 c47.12 c35.61 c
14 lb26.84 c26.06 c30.5 c50.74 c38.34 c
15 lb28.76 c27.92 c32.68 c54.36 c41.08 c
16 lb30.68 c29.78 c34.86 c57.99 c43.82 c
17 lb32.59 c31.64 c37.04 c61.61 c46.56 c
18 lb34.51 c33.5 c39.22 c65.24 c49.3 c
19 lb36.43 c35.37 c41.39 c68.86 c52.04 c
20 lb38.34 c37.23 c43.57 c72.48 c54.78 c
21 lb40.26 c39.09 c45.75 c76.11 c57.52 c
22 lb42.18 c40.95 c47.93 c79.73 c60.26 c
23 lb44.1 c42.81 c50.11 c83.36 c62.99 c
24 lb46.01 c44.67 c52.29 c86.98 c65.73 c
25 lb47.93 c46.53 c54.47 c90.61 c68.47 c
26 lb49.85 c48.4 c56.65 c94.23 c71.21 c
27 lb51.77 c50.26 c58.82 c97.85 c73.95 c
28 lb53.68 c52.12 c61 c101.48 c76.69 c
29 lb55.6 c53.98 c63.18 c105.1 c79.43 c
30 lb57.52 c55.84 c65.36 c108.73 c82.17 c
31 lb59.43 c57.7 c67.54 c112.35 c84.91 c
32 lb61.35 c59.56 c69.72 c115.98 c87.64 c
33 lb63.27 c61.43 c71.9 c119.6 c90.38 c
34 lb65.19 c63.29 c74.07 c123.22 c93.12 c
35 lb67.1 c65.15 c76.25 c126.85 c95.86 c
36 lb69.02 c67.01 c78.43 c130.47 c98.6 c
37 lb70.94 c68.87 c80.61 c134.1 c101.34 c
38 lb72.85 c70.73 c82.79 c137.72 c104.08 c
39 lb74.77 c72.59 c84.97 c141.35 c106.82 c
40 lb76.69 c74.46 c87.15 c144.97 c109.56 c

Pounds to Cups conversion table – US, Metric, Imperial

Ingredient1 cup¾ cup⅔ cup½ cup⅓ cup¼ cup2 tbsp
Flour (sieved)110g80g70g55g35g27g13g
Sugar (granulated)200g150g130g100g65g50g25g
Icing Sugar100g75g70g50g35g25g13g
Brown Sugar180g135g120g90g60g45g23g
Cornflour (corn starch)120g90g80g60g40g30g15g
Rice (uncooked)190g140g125g95g65g48g24g
Couscous (uncooked)180g135g120g90g60g45g22g
Oats (uncooked)90g65g60g45g30g22g11g
Table Salt300g230g200g150g100g75g40g
Vegetable Shortening190g140g125g95g65g48g24g
Nuts (chopped)150g110g100g75g50g40g20g
Nuts (ground)120g90g80g60g40g30g15g
Breadcrumbs (fresh)60g45g40g30g20g15g10g
Breadcrumbs (dry)150g110g100g75g50g40g20g
Sultanas / Raisins200g150g130g100g65g50g22g
Pounds to Cups conversion table


How Many Cups in One Pound of Sugar?

Two cups of granulated sugar are equal to one pound of granulated sugar.

How Many Grams Are In a Cup?

There are 128 g in one cup.

How US cups and UK cups differ?

Because UK cups are 250mls and US cups are 240mls, half cups in the UK are 125mls and half cups in the US are 120mls (quarter cups tend to be the same at 60mls). However, in most recipes, the change is minor and has little bearing on the final product.