This half-angle calculator solves the trigonometric equation of finding the half-angle with a given value. It is important to know that this calculator uses degrees and not radians, so you don’t have to worry about this model converting your values into radians.

Half angle formula

The half-angle formula is a trigonometric function that is used to calculate the value of the half-angle. It is also known as Sine (1/2) function and Cosine(1/2) function.

The half-angle formula can be expressed as:

\sin \frac {\theta}{2} = \pm \sqrt {\frac {1 - \cos \theta}{2}}

Half angle identity

The half-angle identity is a helpful tool for solving problems that involve triangles and right triangles. In order to use the Half Angle Identity, you must know how to find the tangent function of an angle, which can be found on most calculators or computers.

The best way to start using this identity is by using it in a word problem. Below are two examples of word problems that can be solved using this identity:

  • “A person measures with a protractor at 30 degrees and then turns their head 15 degrees counterclockwise from there; what is their new angle?” This problem can be solved by converting 30 degrees into radians (30 x pi/180). Then, use sin(30) over sin(x+15) to find out what angle x equals. Finally, multiply 2tan(x) over tan(x+15). You will get 45 degrees as your answer!
  • “Solve for y when cos y=4tan y” The first step here is converting 4tan into degrees since tan doesn’t have any units associated with its value (it is an irrational number). Once you do that, then simply replace tan with its inverse function secant without changing any other values or variables in this equation!

Fast and efficient results

This model of calculating half-angle is built to provide fast and efficient results, with just a few clicks for the calculation. It also comes with three types of identities that will help you understand how to use them when solving problems related to trigonometry.

The first kind is called the Half Angle Identities. These are used for finding the cosine or sine of any angle when given its adjacent side value (like an adjacent side in a right triangle). They can be calculated by simply dividing one specific trigonometric function over another specific trigonometric function, like tan(x) / cos(x), where x represents the unknown quantity that’s being solved for.

The second type is called the Half Angle Formula which can be used anywhere on Earth and in outer space if there were any astronauts who needed some help while they were out there! This formula gives us our final answer after we’ve taken apart everything into smaller pieces so it becomes easier for us humans who don’t have computers inside their brains yet!

How to use the half-angle calculator

Depending on what information you already have, the half-angle calculator has two modes:

  • If you know the angle
  • If you know one of the functions

If you know the angle, all you have to do is enter it, and the calculator will give you all the functions of the angle, as well as the half-angle.

If you know one of the functions, simply select which function it is, and then enter it. Based on this, the calculator will give you the rest of the functions for the angle and for the half-angle, as well as the angle itself.


What is a half-angle identity?

The half-angle identity is a helpful tool for solving problems that involve triangles and right triangles.

What is the half-angle formula?

The half-angle formula is sin A/2 = ±√[(1 – cos A) / 2].

What is trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles.