This area conversion calculator can assist you in quickly switching between any area units from both the metric and imperial systems. It may function as an area converter, allowing you to swap between acres, hectares, square feet, and a variety of other units. You can also convert m2 to ft2 by clicking here. It can also rapidly calculate how many acres are in a hectare, eliminating the need to quarrel with your neighbour about who has more property. This tool allows you to swap between hundreds of units in a fraction of a second.

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What is Area

In geometry, the area is defined as the space filled by a flat form or the surface of an object.

The area of a figure is the number of unit squares that cover the surface of a closed-form. The area is calculated in square units such as square centimetres, square footage, square inches, etc.

The term “area” comes from the Latin word “area,” which means “an unoccupied patch of level ground.” Unfortunately, the origin also led to an erroneous definition of the area as “a certain quantity of space encompassed inside a set of limits.”

How to Calculate Area

The area is computed by multiplying a shape’s length by its width. In this scenario, even if the rectangle wasn’t on squared paper, we could calculate its area by multiplying 6cm x 6cm = 36cm2 (the shape is not drawn to scale).

The area conversion calculator may be used in any order; simply enter the information you already know, select the units you want to convert to, and you’ll get the results in no time. In addition, our area converter is convenient when converting across systems, such as square feet to acres. As in the previous cases, the tool will quickly return your results.

Metric Units, Area Conversion Chart

 square centimeter (cm2)square meter (m2)hectare (ha)square kilometer (km2)
1 square centimeter (cm2)  1  0.0001  0.00000001  0.0000000001  
1 square meter (m2)1000010.00010.000001  
1 hectare (ha)1000000001000010.01
1 square kilometer (km2)  10000000000  1000000  100  1
Metric Area units chart

Imperial Units, Area Conversion Chart

Square inch (in2)Square foot/feet (ft2)Square yard (yd2)Square mile (mi2)Acre (ac)
1 square inch (in2)10.00694444444444440.00077160493827160.000000000249097668608710.00000015942250790736
1 square foot/feet (ft2)14410.111111111111110.0000000358700642796540.000022956841138659
1 square yard (yd2)1296910.000000322830578516880.00020661157024793
1 square mile (mi2)4014489599.944227878399.9996123097599.99995691639.9999999911
1 acre (ac)62726404356048400.00156250000002171
Imperial Area units chart

How to convert m2 to ft2?

Even though 1 m2 is not equivalent to 10 or 100 but rather 10.764ft2, the computation with this area conversion calculator is relatively straightforward. Set the appropriate units and just enter the necessary amount. Following that, the tool will swiftly transition from m2 to ft2. The converter can also be used in the reverse direction. Enter the amount of ft2 and m2 will show in the space below.

How many acres are in a hectare?

Another common inquiry that the area conversion calculator rapidly resolves is how many acres are in a hectare. Although this is a straightforward calculation (1 hectare Equals 100 acres), you may use the area converter to ensure you don’t miss any zeros in the process. Other custom area conversions include converting square miles to square kilometres or square meters to square yards. Regardless of the option selected, the results are provided in real-time with no delay.