You’ve come to the right spot if you’re wondering how much a knot is worth; this knots to mph converter will clear things up for you. Simply enter the figure into the calculator, and you’ll have the response in mph, ft/s, m/s, and km/h in the blink of an eye. You may convert mph to knots or any other wind speed unit with our calculators since they are versatile. If you’re wondering how many miles per hour a knot is or how quick it is, keep reading. There’s also a helpful wind speed chart and all the formulae for converting wind speed units. Also take a look at torr to atm converter.

How many mph is a knot and how fast is it? What is a nautical mile?

We define knot as one nautical mile per hour and includes the following:

  • 1.15078 miles per hour (approximately)
  • 1.852 kilometers per hour (exactly)
  • 1.68781 feet per second (approximately)
  • 0.51444 meters per second (approximately)

In meteorology, aviation, and nautical navigation, nautical miles and knots are the units of measurement. So what’s the distinction between the two? The distance is measured in nautical miles, while the speed is measured in knots.

Historically, one nautical mile was defined as one minute of latitude (1/60 of a degree of latitude), or 1.852 kilometers. Because the Earth is a geoid rather than a perfectly spherical, this is the average value.

Conversion formulas. Knots to mph and mph to knots

You may use our knots to mph converter or use the formula below to manually convert between speed units:

Knots to mph and mph to knots

V_{knots}=0.868976 * V_{mph}\newline V_{mph}=1.15779 * V_{knots}

Knots and km/h

V_{knots}= 0.539957 * V_(\frac{km}{h})\newline V_\frac{km}{h}=1.852 * V_{knots}

Knots and ft/s

V_{knots}= 0.592484 * V_\frac{ft}{s}\newline V_\frac{ft}{s}=1.687810 * V_{knots}

Knots and m/s

V_{knots}=1.943844 * V_\frac{m}{s}\newline V_\frac{m}{s}= 0.514444 * V_{knots}

You can examine the current circumstances and even estimate them on the Beaufort scale with this wind speed chart:

1 m/s =13.62.2369361.9438443.280840
1 km/h =0.27777810.6213710.5399570.911344
1 mph =0.447041.60934410.8689761.466667
1 knot =0.5144441.8521.15077911.687810
1 ft/s =0.30481.0997280.6818180.5924841

Wind speed chart

Knowing how to convert knots to mph can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, such as:

  • calculating the boat and airspeeds (for example, check our true airspeed calculator)
  • Tidal streams, river currents, and wind speeds are all shown.
  • Finding the best windsurfing or kiteboarding conditions (6-30 knots is a range usually used, depending on the body weight, kite size, and skill).

You can examine the current circumstances and even estimate them on the Beaufort scale with this wind speed chart:

DescriptionRangeBeaufort numberknotsmphkm/hft/sm/s
Calm<1 mph000000
Light air1-3 mph12.52.884.634.221.29
Light breeze4-7 mph255.759.268.442.57
Gentle breeze8-12 mph37.5 108.63 11.5113.89 18.5212.66 16.883.86 5.14
Moderate breeze13-18 mph412.5 1514.38 17.2623.15 27.7821.10 25.326.46 7.72
Strong breeze25-31 mph622.5 25 27.525.89 28.77 31.6541.67 46.3 50.9337.98 42.20 46.4211.57 12.86 14.15
Moderate gale32-38 mph730 32.534.52 37.455.56 60.1950.63 54.8515.43 16.72
Fresh gale39-46 mph835 37.5 4040.28 43.15 46.0364.82 69.45 74.0859.07 63.29 67.5118.01 19.29 20.58
Strong gale47-54 mph942.5 45 47.548.91 51.79 54.6678.71 83.34 87.9771.73 75.95 80.1721.83 23.15 24.44
Whole gale (storm)55-63 mph1050 52.5 5557.54 60.42 63.2992.6 97.23 101.8684.39 88.61 92.8325.72 27.01 28.29
Violent storm64-73 mph1157-5 60 62.566.17 69.05 71.92106.49 111.12 115.7597.05 101.27 105.4929.58 30.87 32.15
Hurricane>74 mph1265 67.5 7074.8 77.68 80.55120.38 125.01 129.64109.7 113.93 118.1533.44 34.72 36.01

Knots to Miles per hour table

KnotsMiles per hourKnotsMiles per hourKnotsMiles per hour
0 knots0.00 mph20 knots23.02 mph40 knots46.03 mph
1 knot1.15 mph21 knots24.17 mph41 knots47.18 mph
2 knots2.30 mph22 knots25.32 mph42 knots48.33 mph
3 knots3.45 mph23 knots26.47 mph43 knots49.48 mph
4 knots4.60 mph24 knots27.62 mph44 knots50.63 mph
5 knots5.75 mph25 knots28.77 mph45 knots51.79 mph
6 knots6.90 mph26 knots29.92 mph46 knots52.94 mph
7 knots8.06 mph27 knots31.07 mph47 knots54.09 mph
8 knots9.21 mph28 knots32.22 mph48 knots55.24 mph
9 knots10.36 mph29 knots33.37 mph49 knots56.39 mph
10 knots11.51 mph30 knots34.52 mph50 knots57.54 mph
11 knots12.66 mph31 knots35.67 mph51 knots58.69 mph
12 knots13.81 mph32 knots36.82 mph52 knots59.84 mph
13 knots14.96 mph33 knots37.98 mph53 knots60.99 mph
14 knots16.11 mph34 knots39.13 mph54 knots62.14 mph
15 knots17.26 mph35 knots40.28 mph55 knots63.29 mph
16 knots18.41 mph36 knots41.43 mph56 knots64.44 mph
17 knots19.56 mph37 knots42.58 mph57 knots65.59 mph
18 knots20.71 mph38 knots43.73 mph58 knots66.75 mph
19 knots21.86 mph39 knots44.88 mph59 knots57.90 mph

How to use knots to mph converter: 3o knots to mph example

Take a look at this brief step-by-step example to see how fast a knot – or, for example, 30 knots – is:

  1. Consider the unit you’d want to convert. Let’s pretend we’re trying to convert 30 knots to miles per hour.
  2. Fill in the appropriate box with the value. In our scenario, the first component of the tool requires us to input 30.
  3. That concludes our discussion. Our knots to mph converter worked perfectly. We now know that 30 knots equals 34.52 miles per hour. That’s a lot!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is a knot compared to mph?

One knot equals one nautical mile per hour or roughly 1.15 statute mph. The term knot came from the 17th century when sailors used a device called a “common log” to measure the pace of their ship. A rope with regular knots linked to a piece of wood shaped like a slice of pie was the most typical log.

How to convert knots to mph formula

Multiply the speed by the conversion ratio to convert a knot measurement to a mile per hour measurement. For example, the knots multiplied by 1.150779 equals the speed in miles per hour.