This Paint Calculator is gonna help you in so many things. Do you need any advice or have a lack of ideas for painting interior or exterior walls? You do not have to spend hours in a paint store again to find the perfect color combination. You can find many inspiring ideas and the best advice on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. With a few Pinterest tricks inspired by interior design, you can learn how to make your home visually bigger. Painting techniques and tools can fool the eye and make interiors look much more spacious.

If you are in the phase of building a new home, used space, or project of renovating a room, you will demand a house cleaning services. With our House Cleaning Cost Calculator, you can estimate how much will cleaning cost you. Using the Electricity Cost Calculator (Single Usage), you can also estimate how much electricity you will spend in this renovation project.

Paint, Interior and exterior decorating

In the world of interior design, designers are well aware that painting in shades of light colors makes your home bigger. Bright walls make the space open and airy, which helps maximize the effect of your ether’s natural light. Colors of dark shades are harder to absorb light, making the rooms in your home smaller.

Decorating the exterior, or garden, is just as crucial as decorating the home’s interior. However, when you walk into a home improvement store, you probably get lost in the large selection of products. Exterior decorating products may look beautiful at first glance. The question is whether it will fit into your ambiance and the colors of your home.

So before you go to the store, visit Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles. You are sure to find a home similar to yours as inspiration.

And do not forget that quality paint for walls and ceiling has its price, so it can be costly if you want to repaint the whole apartment. Quality paint for walls and ceiling has its price, so it can be expensive if you’re going to repaint individual rooms or the entire apartment.

However, it is better not to buy low-quality wall paints to limit the costs. Because it often does not cover well and must be applied several times. So not only do you need twice as much, but you also have twice as much effort. Better take the example of professionals who do not skimp on color quality but quantity. But you can undoubtedly estimate for yourself how many colors you want using our Paint Calculator.

How to Calculate How Much Paint I Need?

You found a color on Instagram or Pinterest that you like. But, how to calculate the amount of paint for a room and accurately estimate the required amount of paint? Masters in Facebook groups may not be helpful to you either and you cannot find adequate tools.

  • First, you have to calculate the area you want to paint as accurately as possible. For this, you must have a folding ruler, tape, or digital rangefinder, and ideally, someone who can help you and to whom you can dictate the measured values.
  • Then measure the first length of the room, room width, too, and room height.
  • Of course, you still have to remove the surfaces of windows, doors, and built-in components such as radiators from the walls. Measure their length and width, multiply them, and subtract this value from the calculated wall area.
  • Finally, add up the area of the walls and ceiling if you want to paint them too to get the total area you need paint for. This sum is the basis calculate paint needed to buy.

Knowing the room’s dimensions for which you have to buy paints, you can go to the store to shop. Here you should see the manufacturer’s data on color coverage, which they list in m2/l or feet square per liter. As already mentioned, high-quality paints containing many color pigments is more expensive and more productive. Once you decide on the shade of the color, you have to calculate the gallons of paint needed.

Paint Calculation Formula

If you are wondering how to calculate the paint needed to paint the walls of a room, simply use the paint calculation formula on the paint calculator.

You can get accurate information on how many square feet a bucket of paint can cover. Use these size to calculate the area of the walls:

  • length of the room,
  • room width, and
  • room height.

The first formula to calculate the color you will need is:

Wall area: (height x length x 2) + (height x width x 2)
Ceiling area: length x width

Once you decide on the colors, all you need to do is calculate the paint needed for the walls. You can also simply use the paint calculation formula:

For the required amount of paint, you need to divide the total area with a coverage of paint according to the manufacturer’s data.

Paint Calculator – How to Use?

Once you have measured all the elements calculating paint needed for walls, first choose the unit of measurement you use most often.

  • Enter the required dimensions, length, width, and room height in the drop-down boxes. Our tool will automatically calculate the area of your room.
  • The next step is to enter the dimensions of the windows and doors, which you have previously measured. First, enter the number of doors in the room. Now, new sections for doors will appear.
  • Enter each dimension separately for the first, then for the second door, and so on for each subsequent one. You calculate the dimensions of the window in the same way. Enter the dimensions of each window separately.

The Paint Calculator will automatically calculate gallons of paint needed to paint the room.

In addition to the paint calculator calculate paint needed, you can also use it as a paint cost calculator. According to the liters of colors, you will have the total price at the end. Also, you will know how many square feet of walls you can cover.

Paint Calculator – Example

When you want to calculate the required color for the walls on the paint calculator, you have the following dimensions:

  • height: 3.00 m
  • length: 4.50 m
  • beam: 2.60 m

You can calculate this as:

(3.00 \;m \cdot 4.50 \;m \cdot 2)+(3.00 \; m\cdot 2.60 \; m\cdot 2) = 42.6 \; m^{2}

If the manufacturer states that the paint coverage is 200 ml, proceed as follows:

42.6 \; m^{2} \cdot 200 \; ml = 8.5 \; l


How do I calculate how much paint I need?

For example, if you need to paint a surface of 100 m², and the manufacturer states coverage of this paint of 5 m²/l, you need 100/5 = 20 liters of paint.

What area does 5 Litres of paint cover?

5 liters is enough for about 25 m². These are just guidelines; keep in mind. Consumption can always vary slightly, depending on the substrate.

How much paint is needed for a 12×12 room?

If you want to find how to calculate paint for a room, use our calculator. It will give you answer that you need 4 liters or 1.5 gallons of paint for a room measuring 12×12.

How much paint do I need for a 3000 sq ft house?

A space of 3000 square feet will require 25 to 30 gallons.

How do I estimate painting costs?

The price of a bucket of paint depends on the manufacturer. Yet, at the bottom, when you get down to the end of the paint calculator, you can see the paint cost calculator that estimates the price of the color. If you know how many liters of paint you need and the price of the paint you will buy, it is enough to multiply the price by the amount of paint.