Electricity Cost Calculator calculates the electricity cost of your home appliances by considering the total power consumption and the energy price per kWh of your country. The calculator gives you an idea on which appliances consume the most electricity in your house. You can calculate the electricity cost for only one appliance or as many appliances as you want.

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Who Invented Electricity?

Everything started in the mid-1700s, when an American scientist, Benjamin Franklin, became interested in testing his idea about electricity. In fact, from the very beginning he believed that electrical energy has two elements: positive and negative size. Therefore, Franklin claimed that electricity is produced between those two elements.

Benjamin Franklin - Electricity Invention

As a result, one day, he conducted an experiment with a kite. He was sure that lightning is nothing more than electricity, and he wanted to prove that. Thus, Franklin attached a piece of metal to the kite and released it into the air. Consequently, the metal piece started pulling lightning and the lightning transferred from the clouds through the kite. A few decades later, Thomas Edison used Franklin’s approach and created the first light bulb. However, the term “electricity” was found in use way before. For instance, William Gilbert and Thomas Browne wrote several books and conducted many experiments on electricity beforehand.

Electricity Cost Around the World – Chart

The average electricity around the world costs 0.138 USD per kilowatt-hour for households and 0.125 USD per kWh for businesses. Therefore, the chart below shows the consumption of electrical energy in 15 random countries (stats are related to June 2021).

CountrykWh, U.S. Dollar
United Kingdom0.282
Electricity prices for households, June 2021

Units of Electricity

Electricity usage and energy consumption are measured in watts. Thus, Watt is an electric unit that equals 1 Amper under the pressure of 1 Volt. However, Watt is a standard electric unit for calculating the energy consumption of a device. Generally, Watt is only used for smaller devices that do not require a lot of electric power. On the other hand, heavier and more powerful devices need more energy, and thus we measure their energy consumption in kilowatt (kW).


1 kW = 1000 Watts

If you measure electricity consumption over time, we use a different measurement unit, called Watthour (Wh).
1 Wh = Energy of 1 Watt for 1 Hour

Typical household electricity consumption is calculated in kilowatt hours (kWh).
1 kWh = 1000 Wh

Electricity Cost of Common Home Appliances

Before giving you a list of the most commonly used appliances in households worldwide, it is crucial to explain the electricity cost. In order to calculate it, there are several factors you need to be aware of. 

The factors in calculating electricity cost (energy consumption):

  • Appliance wattage
  • Estimated hours of usage per month
  • The price per 1 kWh in your country
ApplianceTypical WattageEstimated Hours of Usage Per Month$0.10 per kWh
Blender3852.0 .08
Clock 3 730 .22
Computer (With Monitor and Printer)36575 2.74
Fan (Ceiling)80150 1.20
Fry Pan120010 1.20
Microwave Oven150011 1.65
Radio71101 .72
Satellite Dish (Includes Receiver)360183 6.59
Television (Color, Solid State)200183 3.66
Toaster14003 .42
Refrigerator/Freezer450333 14.99
Common Home Aplliances

Energy Consumption Calculation – Formula

Here is the formula for calculating the energy consumption:

PC = UT \times C

PC – Power Consumption
UT – Usage Time
C – Power Consumed

Electricity Cost Calculation – Formula

Formula for estimating the electricity cost is:

EC = C \times EP

EC – Electricity Cost
C – Power Consumed
EP – Energy Price per kWh

Electricity Cost Calculator (Single Usage) – How to Use?

I will walk you through the steps and show you how our calculator works. So, let’s get started!

When using our calculator, the first step you always do is to determine your device’s power consumption (wattage). Once you know the appliance wattage, you can proceed to the next step.

When you know power consumption, the next step is to take that number and multiply it by the number of usage hours (e.g., 3 hours per day). The product of this calculation represents the total power consumed per day. It is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh).

The final step of using our calculator to estimate the total cost of electricity for one or multiple home appliances is to know the energy price regulated for your country (in your local currency). For example, Germany’s current energy price per kWh is $0.360.
Enter that number, and our calculator will give you the total electricity cost for one day (based on the power consumption you defined).

In short, it is obvious that the higher wattage your appliance has and the more hours you use them, the total electricity cost will also be higher.

Electricity Cost Calculator (Single Usage) – Example

Okay, we saw how the calculator works, in general. However, let’s apply it to a particular scenario.

Scenario: You want to calculate the overall electricity consumption for two appliances you regularly use at home: TV and freezer.

The typical wattage for a TV is 200 Watts and for a freezer 450 Watts.
For example, you use TV 4 hours a day, and the freezer is constantly consuming electrical power 24 hours.

Electricity cost of a TV

For the TV:

PC = 200 \times 4 = 800 \; Watthours = 0.8 \; kWh

Electricity cost of a fridge

For the freezer:

PC = 450 \times 24 = 10,800 \; Watthours = 10.8 \;kWh

As a result, both appliances consume total of 11.6 kWh energy per day. Let’s take this number and enter it in the calculator, also provide the energy price for a particular country (Germany in our case). Thereofore, we can estimate the total daily cost of electricity for an individual.

Energy price for Germany: $0.360 per kWh

TC = 10.8 \times 0.36 = 3.88


How to calculate electricity cost?

To calculate the total electricity cost of appliances per day, you need to:
– First, find the total power consumed of each home appliance expressed in kWh
– Add their power consumptions and then multiply the addition result by the energy price of a country an individual lives in
– The product represents the total cost of electricity in one day expressed in your currency.

How much do 700 watts cost?

It all depends on how many hours an appliance of 700 Watts wattage is run and which country you live in. However, approximately 700 Watts cost around $0.084 per hour.

How much energy does a fridge use?

The question is quite general, and you can hardly get a 100% correct answer. However, we can give you a rough daily/monthly costs by assuming some factors. For example, a typical freezer has a wattage of 450 Watts. So, if we assume that you use it for around 330 hours per month, it would cost you about $14.99 every month.

How much electricity does a TV use?

A typical colored TV has a wattage of 200 W. If you watch a TV for roughly 180 hours a month, the total cost of electricity for the TV would be $3.66 each month.

What uses the most electricity in a home?

List of the home appliances that use the most electricity:
– Water Heating (around 405 kWh per month)
– Freezer (around 162 kWh per month)
– Cooking stove (45 kWh a month)
– TV and other media devices (roughly 55 kWh per month)
– Microwave (16 kWh per month)
– Washing Machine (9 kWh/month)

What makes your electric bill high?

These are some of the main reasons that cause your electric bill to be high:
– You forget to switch off home appliances (modern devices consume energy even if they are turned off)
– Improperly using lighting in the house (providing light to the areas you don’t dwell often)
– Using old machines and appliances (the newer generations of devices are designed to consume less energy)

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

If you drive 540 miles per month, your electric car will consume around 180 kWh. Thus, if we assume that you are a US citizen, charging an electric car costs you $25-30 monthly. However, there are many factors, so we can’t give you 100% accurate statistics.