Wall Square Footage Calculator is a tool for calculating the square footage of a wall. Have you ever needed help calculating the square footage of a wall? You didn’t have anyone to contact? Don’t worry, this calculator is for you.

Here you have an explanation for all the necessary definitions and formulas for your task. See these related calculators in the construction section, such as Retaining Wall Calculator, Framing, or Siding Calculator, all needed for different wall projects and measures.

Is it better to renovate or decorate? We understand how challenging and frustrating it may be. That’s why, no matter what wall covering you choose, we built this calculator to assist you with everything you need. Follow the steps in our article to learn how to calculate the values, as well as some recommendations and suggestions for improving the design of your wall.

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Wall Area Calculation Formulas

So, how can we figure out how many square feet a wall has? The formula is straightforward:

walls\ square\ footage= total\ length\ of\ the\ walls \times ceiling\ height

But how can you figure out how many square feet a wall with doors and windows is?

corrected\ wall\ square\ footage = wall\ square\ footage - windows\ area \times number\ of\ windows - door\ area \times number\ of\ doors

Wall Square Footage: Factors

You must be wondering how to measure the square footage of the wall. Don’t worry, and it’s no less difficult, all you need is the total length of the wall multiplied by the height of the ceiling:

walls\ square\ footage = total\ length\ of\ the\ walls\ \times ceiling\ height

However, before calculating, either calculate with the help of a calculator or pay attention to several factors:

  • begin by sketching a floor plan of your room/house, making measuring and storing data much easier;
  • always take the correct tools, such as a yardstick or a steel tape measure;
  • measure the length of your walls, including doors and windows, and the width of your doors and windows;
  • measure your walls from floor to ceiling to determine their height. The length of a fallen ceiling or moldings is not included (coving) and
  • our advice is to double check the length, height and width measurements.

Wall Square Footage Calculator – How to Use?

You are not even aware of how easy is this calculator. Just follow our steps:

  • Choose the shape of your room:
  1. other – enter the total measured length of all the walls;
  2. rectangle – enter the lengths of two walls that touch the same corner;
  3. square – enter the length of one wall.
  • Enter the height of your ceiling:
  1. Remember to think about a lowered ceiling if you’re planning on having one. It might be crucial when calculating square footage.
  • Calculate the number of doors in your room:
  1. Our typical door measures 21 ft2 (1.95 m2) in size.
  2. Multiply the number of doors by two for double doors.
  • Calculate the number of windows in your room:
  1. Our normal window is 12 square feet (1.11 square meters).
  2. Type 0 if your room doesn’t have any windows.
  • The result for your wall has arrived!

Wall Square Footage Calculator – Example

We will now show you one example to better understand. We will take simple numbers so that you can remember them more easily. As we said:

  • we choose the shape (for our example it is square);
  • then enter the height of the wall (5 m);
  • ceiling height (7 m);
  • number of doors (4);
  • number of windows (3);
  • and the result is printed by {wall\ footage}=128.85 \;m^2


How to calculate the square footage of a wall?

Answer to question how to get square footage of a room is to multiply the ceiling height by the entire wall length to get the total square feet of the wall(s).

How many square feet is a 12×12 wall?

A room measuring 12 feet wide by 12 feet long has a square footage of 144 square feet.

How do you find the area of a rectangular room?

Formula is: Length \times Width = Area . See related Rectangle Area or Golden Rectangle posts.

How many sq ft is 18×18?

18 \times 18 = 324 sq ft.