TV shows have been a huge part of everyone’s life for more than 50 years. From the first tv shows in the 1950s till today, history made thousands of tv shows and some people like them even more than movies. Although we must admit, tv-series are pretty addicting and easy to binge on; most of us spend days watching our favorite show. So if you are interested in the precise number of days, hours, minutes you spent watching a show, use our TV Series Duration Calculator to get the exact results.

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What is TV Series Duration Calculator?

TV Series duration is probably one of our easiest calculators to use. It allows you to calculate the time it takes to watch a TV series based on its episode length, number of seasons, and episodes. The result can be expressed in minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even months. But it is not only for TV series; you can also calculate the length of a movie or a movie franchise. We did some calculations, so keep reading, and believe us, some of them will shock you.

How to use TV Series Duration Calculator?

It is pretty easy to use. There are three fields to fill in:

  • Episode duration,
  • number of episodes, and
  • number of seasons.

If all the seasons do not have the same number of episodes, calculate the average number and type it in. In the end, as we already mentioned, your result can come out in days, weeks, months, etc. In the next few paragraphs, we will share the total duration of some shows from the most popular list.


Here is an example. Let’s take one of the most famous series in the 20th century-Seinfeld. It has been going off on Twitter recently. I’m sure that many of you spend so much time binge-watching this classic. This show has nine seasons and an average of 20 episodes per season, with the average length of 22 minutes. So when you calculate it, all the result comes out to 2,75 days, which is about 3960 minutes.


How long does it take to watch all episodes of The Simpsons?

This legendary animated show about the life and privacy of an average family has astonishing 33 seasons with an average of 22 episodes per season. An average episode is also about 22 minutes. That means that the time you need to watch the Simpsons is about 1,6 weeks. That comes out to just over 11 days or 266 hours. The Simpsons also have a new movie that adds about 90 minutes to this calculation.

How much time do I need to watch Star Trek?

Star Trek series has three seasons with an average of 26 episodes per season, and an average one is 25 minutes long. So when you put these numbers into our calculator, the result is 1,4 days or 1950 minutes.

What about the Sopranos and Friends?

The Sopranos show has six seasons, with 14 episodes per season. An average episode lasts about 50 minutes. So it takes 2.9 days to watch the whole Sopranos.
Friends are a bit longer. They have ten seasons with an average of 24 episodes per season. So if we say that the average episode is 23 minutes, the result comes out to 3.8 days.

How many days does it take to watch every episode of The Mickey Mouse Club (1955)?

This not-so-new classic has three seasons with 110 episodes per season. An average episode is about 3 minutes long. So when we put these numbers into our calculator, the result is about 17 hours which is less than a day.