In this article, you can find more about CalCon’s quantity converter. The article discusses the process of conversion between nine different quantity units. Learn below about how to convert units of measure and other necessary information.

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How much are a dozen and a baker’s dozen?

Have you ever heard of a dozen? It is the name for one of the oldest units of numbers. It can also be said to be one of the most primitive numbers groups. In practice, we use a regular number system with ten numbers. In this case, we use a number system with the base number 12, which is called a duodecimal system. The number 12 is specific in many ways, mainly because it is the only number below 20 with the most divisors: 1,2,3,4,6, and 12.

The name of the dozen takes its roots from the French word douzaine, formed from the derived cardinal number douza and the suffix –aine, which means “group of twelve”. An example of a dozen is twelve months of the year, twelve numbers on the clock, twelve zodiac signs, lunar cycles, and the like.

The generally accepted system of measurement in the world is the metric system. You can apply the basic units of this system in everyday life, and some that are most used are meter as a measure of length, gram as a measure of weight, and liter as a measure of volume. The question is whether the dozen is a measure of the metric system? Essentially dozen is a metric unit, but it is rarely used. This measurement unit is used mainly in America since their system has not yet entirely switched to metric units, as in Europe.

Example of a dozen
Example of a dozen

A baker’s dozen

On the other hand, the story is a little different when we talk about the meaning of a baker’s dozen. When you ask for a dozen eggs, pieces of meat, or similar in the shop, you will surely get 12 articles. But most believe that the name baker’s dozen means 13, not 12 pieces.

The origin of this statement lies in various theories. From ancient times, bakers were obliged to sell products or goods in dozens following a certain weight or quality. Bakers who could not meet all these requirements at the time were fined or flogged. To avoid punishment, bakers added one extra amount or a piece of bread to achieve the required average weight. In addition to this, we can interpret other alternative theories that can be somewhat convincing without solid evidence.

One of the theories is related to baking, where the sides of the baking tray in which you bake the bread, are in the ratio of 3: 2. To make the best use of space, the best way to arrange loaves of bread or cakes is 4 + 5 + 4, which gives a total of 13. 

To illustrate, here is an example:
Maria bought four dozen eggs. How many eggs did Maria buy?

Therefore, the solution will be:
Knowing that a dozen is 12 pieces of something, in this case, eggs, the conclusion is that Maria bought 48 pieces of eggs.

Cheaper by the dozen

The use of the duodecimal system dates back to ancient times, where examples are based on counting with the help of fingers. Each hand can thus count to twelve, counting each finger bone using the thumb. Using both hands, you can count up to 144 (122 = 144), and this is called twelve dozen, which means gross.

If it is ten dozen, you can call it “small gross,” while twelve grosses represent “large gross.” You can use this measure in wholesale or retail trade in goods. 

A dozen a gross and a score

In addition to the unit of measure called dozen, you can use other units of measure. Gross means 12 doses, and half-dozen means 6, score means 20. The table below contains other units of measurement and their relationship with a dozen:

2a couple / a pair / a brace
6half a dozen
12a dozen
13a baker’s dozen
20a score
144a gross (12 dozen)
1728a large gross (12 gross)
Relationship between measures and units

What is a quantity converter?

Instead of constantly asking yourself how much a unit of measure is in dozen, half-dozen, or gross, you can easily convert everything in one place with our smart converter. It contains fields that automatically provide results. You just need to enter the value you want to convert into an adequate blank area.

For instance, if you are interested in how many five doses there are, it is enough to type the number 5 where it says dozen. The converter will show that five dozen is 3 score or 60 pieces. For each of the units of measure provided in our converter, you can enter arbitrary values and obtain other desired results. 


1. Is it correct to say a dozen of bananas?

It is correct to say one dozen bananas because dozen means the plural, so since we use the term dozen or half-dozen, you should always write them in the plural.

2. How can we use a dozen?

You can use the word dozen if you want to denote a group of twelve things, be it a group of people, pieces of pencils, books, fruit, drinks, and anything else you can think of. In conclusion, you can use the word dozen after an expression that refers to a number or when it refers to a group with an indefinite number.

3. How many grams does a dozen have?

One dozen contains 12 grams.