How much does it cost to take a shower? If you ask that question to most people, they’ll probably answer “I don’t know.” Well, I’m here to tell you that the true cost of taking a shower is far greater than you ever imagined. I’m not talking about water bills or energy consumption here—those are just part of the problem. The real issue is how much time and money we waste by showering too often!

Save money on utilities

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few things in your bathroom that use energy: the shower, the sink faucet, and maybe even your toilet. If you’d like to save money on utilities by reducing their usage, here are some ways to do so:

  • Use less water while showering. If you have an older home with 1920s-era plumbing, then there’s probably a lot of water flowing down your drain every day when it could be going somewhere else! Check out this chart for more information about how much different types of showers consume per minute and how much it costs to operate them.
  • Switch from hot water to cold. You might think this would feel weird at first—but trust us: It gets easier over time! And if anyone asks what happened to all those nice hot baths they remember seeing in old movies? Just tell them they were bad for their skin anyway.

Stay clean and healthy

If you’re like most people, it’s likely that you shower at least once a day. You probably have many reasons for doing so: to prevent illness and skin problems; to keep your hair healthy; to maintain proper body odor; and of course, to stay clean and smelling good!

But there’s one reason that might not have occurred to you: the way your shower can affect your breath. If you’re like me and tend not to brush after every meal (or sometimes even before eating), then keeping an odor-free mouth is important.

So how does having a daily hygiene routine affect our breath? Absolutely it does. So for your sake, and the sake of others around you, take good care of your hygiene.

Reducing stress

Showering can reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed, positive, and confident.

This is because showers are a low-effort activity that can make you feel good about yourself. You aren’t performing any kind of strenuous physical activity or engaging in cerebral activities like reading or writing. Instead, you’re just standing there letting the water run over your body. This helps take some of the pressure off so it doesn’t build up over time if you don’t have much time to de-stress during the day.


How often should I shower?

It depends on your lifestyle. Two to three times per week is enough for most people, but you shouldn’t go higher than 1 per day.

Hot showers or cold showers?

Typically, a lukewarm shower is best.

What are the benefits of hot showers?

Hot showers can enhance blood flow, helping soothe stiff joints and tired muscles.