Every Second Calculator is used to give you a list of the most fascinating things that happen worldwide every second, minute, hour, year, or any other period you select. Thousands and millions of things happen every single bit of time: people die, babies are born, millionaires earn more money, nature gets polluted, the universe expands, and more.

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What will happen in the world in 60 seconds?

Undoubtedly, you must have thought of this or a similar question at least once in your life (but truth be told, the count is greater). The world is such a vast place and the home for various species: humans, plants, animals, and more. Therefore, logically approaching the matter, thousands and millions of things happen every single bit of time. 

What will happen in the next 60 seconds around the world?

Can you name a few things that will occur in the next 60 seconds all around the globe? If you don’t, don’t worry. Let’s look at some of the fascinating ones:

  • Our world becomes a more populated place with newborn 250 babies every 60 seconds.
  • According to health scientists, your heart will beat 60 to 100 times in the next 60 seconds.
  • Your eyes will blink 15 to 20 times.
  • People will consume over 5.2 million kilograms of food around the world.
  • 189,600 tons of water goes over Niagara Falls
  • The Earth will experience 360 lightning strikes.
  • The rainforest will lose around 2,000 trees.

How long is 1 second in space?

Do all the planets in space have an equal day’s length? What do you think? Interestingly, the Earth is the only planet close to the 24-hour model (it orbits around its axis once every 23 hours, 56 minutes). So, for instance, one day on Mars equals 24 hours, 37 minutes, fairly similar to the Earth. However, all the other planets are way different and incomparable.

One second on Mars is almost identical to the Earth, but it’s longer on other planets. You will grasp it better and get familiar if you analyze the table below and the time rates of different planets.

PlanetLength of Day
Mercury58.6 Earth days
Venus243 Earth days
Earth23 hours, 56 minutes
Mars24 hours, 37 minutes
Jupiter9 hours, 55 minutes
Saturn10 hours, 33 minutes
Uranus17 hours, 14 minutes
Neptune15 hours, 57 minutes
Pluto6.4 Earth days
Planets and their Length of the Day

What can I do in 30 seconds – Tips?

Do you think 30 seconds are too short and you can’t do anything worthwhile in this short period? Well, you’re mistaken. Clearly, you can make the best of it and do something productive. So, you have no idea what you can do in 30 seconds? Let’s check out some of the tips in the list below:

  • Search for a phone or a laptop, grab it, and check your email
  • Prepare for shopping by writing a grocery list
  • Don’t just wander around out of boredom. Use the time to clean your kitchen table, for example.
  • Greet your neighbor
  • Play around with your pet
  • Hug someone you love

How much energy does the sun make every second?

How much solar energy does the sun produce every second?

Do you know that we (living beings) on the Earth receive only one small fraction of the energy/light/heat from the sun? As an explanation, you need to understand that the sun is a lot bigger than the Earth. Thus, it shares the emitted energy across all the planets and bodies in space.

However, even if people on the Earth only receive and feel a slight bit of its huge energy capacity, the energy is still massive. Scientists claim that it is equivalent to around 4,000,000 tons every second.

How much data is created every day?

With the expansion of the internet, the data that people create daily expanded proportionally. The number of internet users counts over 3 billion today, and it’s been increasing over the years. If we consider the number of photos and users share across social media, upload videos on video platforms like YouTube, send text messages, we get to the number of 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data created every day.

What happens every 7 years?

what happens every 7 years?

There is a theory that each body completely transforms every seven years. After that, our body cells get replaced with new ones, and our body gets fully regenerated (enhances the health state). However, this is just a philosophical question or a theory that is not yet scientifically proven.

Every Second Calculator: Categories

In our Every Second Calculator, there are seven different categories. Each category gives you a list of the most interesting facts that happen worldwide every few seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and more.


  • People
  • Life & Death
  • Internet
  • Economy
  • Money
  • Earth & Universe
  • Nature

Every Second Calculator Units

Using our calculator, you can easily check what happens around the world every few seconds, minutes, days, years…

If you want to see the full list of time units that it’s used, look below:

  • seconds (sec)
  • minutes (min)
  • hours (hrs)
  • days (days)
  • weeks (wks)
  • months (mos)
  • years (yrs)
  • minute / second
  • hour / minute
  • hour / minute / seconds
  • year / month
  • year / month / day
  • week / day
  • day / hour

How to Use Every Second Calculator?

Okay, it’s time to show you how our Every Second Calculator works and how it’s used. If you feel lost and need some instructions, please follow the steps below.


  • Choose the time unit from the list and enter the time

For example, you select “months (mos)” and enter “10”.

  • Now, the calculator will show you what happens worldwide every 10 months.

For example, you can see how many weddings take place every 10 months, how many people die in a car accident, or how many earthquakes hit the Earth.

Basically, our calculator is a one-click tool because all you have to do is choose the frequency period. After that, the calculator does all the remaining heavy calculations behind the scenes.

Every Second Calculator – Example

Let’s apply the shown steps from the previous section in the example below. Then, we will take a period of “2 years” and see what fascinating things happen worldwide every two years.

What happens around the world every two years:

  • A heart pumps 396,573,840 liters of blood
  • 62,063,258 weddings take place around the world
  • 271,395,360 babies born
  • 593,282,880 new websites created
  • People eat around 4,733,640,000 McDonald’s burgers
  • People donate to charity $3,300,069,749,040
  • 5,259,389 Earthquakes hit the Earth
  • 10,477,123,200 trees get cut down


What happens every 1 second?

Every 1 second:
– over 100000 reactions take place in a human cell
– total deaths are 1,8
– around 3,391,204 emails get sent
– people send over 900,000 WhatsApp messages
– people drink 10,450 coca-colas
– 1.57 tons of food gets thrown away in the US
– Bill Gates earns $250
– The world spends $60,746 on military
– The universe expands for 14.8 km
– 3160 tons of water goes over Niagara Falls
– 30 stars explode and more

How many people die every second?

Every second, almost two (1.8) people die worldwide.

How many babies are born in the world every second?

Every second, around five babies are born worldwide.

How much money does Jeff Bezos make every second?

It is reported that Bezos makes around $3,715 per second. Funny enough, he alone earns more money per second than the full-time weekly wage for most Americans, which is $984 per week, or $24.60 per hour.

Why do stock prices change every second?

The biggest reason why stock prices fluctuate and change so fast is due to market activity. The price changes because of the constant change in the supply and demand of stocks. For example, suppose if more people want to buy shares than sell, the stock price increases. On the opposite, if they prefer to sell shares than buy, the stock price drops significantly.

How many land animals are killed every day?

According to the statistics, roughly 200 million land animals are killed every day worldwide, mainly for food.