Estimate time of arrival

The estimated arrival time (ETA) is when a specific vehicle: car, bus, plane, train, the ship is expected to arrive at a particular place.

One of the common uses of the phrase is in public transport, where the movement of trams, trains, buses, etc., is calculated for a specific time of arrival. In this respect, the phrase or its abbreviation is often paired with its complement, estimated time of departure (ETD), to indicate the expected start of a particular journey.

ETA is also in use metaphorically in physics where nothing moves; it can determine how long it takes to do an action. E.g., a computation is undertaken by a computer program. We also use the “estimate time of accomplishment” phrase.

Time travel

Time travel is the notion of moving between certain moments in time, comparable to moving between distinct places in space by an item or a person, often via hypothetical equipment known as a time machine. It is a well-known notion in philosophy and fiction, particularly science fiction. H. G. Wells’s novel The Time Machine, published in 1895, popularized the concept of a time machine.

It is unknown if physical time travel to the past is feasible. So, the forward time travel, outside of the ordinary notion of time perception, is a widely seen and well-understood phenomenon within special and general relativity frameworks. However, with current technology, making one body advance or delay another by more than a few milliseconds is not possible.

Drive time to work Travel time to work

Imagine driving home from work.

The distance to the house is 350km.

We drive at a speed of 100 km/h

I will take one 15 minute break and one 30 minute break where I will have lunch.

The total duration of the breaks is 45 minutes.

We start the journey at 3:00 PM

Formula: Total drive time (TDT) = (distance / average drive speed) + total breaks

Now we will calculate how much this journey will last:

TDT = (distance / average drive speed) + total breaks = 3h and 15 min

We’ll be home at 6:15 PM.

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