We are all familiar with the number system used in Europe and America. However, India has its number system also used by some neighboring countries. One of the units in that numerical system is Lakh. Among our calculators, you can find one that converts different units from this numerical system, such as Crore to Lakh conversion. However, you can also convert from the Indian to the European number system. One such converter is Crore to Million Converter, and in this article, you will find more information on how to convert Million to Lakh. Take a look torr to atm.

What is lakh? Lakh definition

Lakh is a unit from the Indian numbering system that you can write as 100,000 or 105. This unit of measurement is also used in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

If you want to say that someone has 100,000 rupees in India, you can say that he has 1 lakh rupees.
In addition to money, it is often used to show the population of an area.
So the data of 200,000 inhabitants is equal to 2 lakhs inhabitants of one city.

Why convert Millions to Lakhs?

Converting from the European to the Indian system and vice versa is essential to compare specific default values.
In this case, by converting millions into lakhs, we can make comparisons of a financial nature or the number of inhabitants of an area in Europe and India and the like.

Place values systems

A number system or the numeration scheme is a way of representing numbers. The place of a digit in a number determines the value of the digit in it.
When we look at lakh as a unit of measurement, we can say that it has two place values. One is Lakh, and the other is ten Lakhs.
The highest place value in the Indian numeral system is 1,00,000.
These 6-digit numbers are called lakhs.
We can say that lakh is unit 1, followed by five nulls.

How to convert million to lakhs?

We will explain to you how to convert millions into lakhs in a simple way. If you are not a fan of paper and pens, use our calculator to do it for you.

The first step is to determine what we want to convert.
For example, you are interested in how many people London currently has, and you want to show that in lakhs.
You can find data on the current population of London on Google.
London in 2021 has 8,961,989 inhabitants.
The conversion ratio of millions to lakh is 1:10. It means that 1 million is equal to 10 lakhs.

In our case, the population of London expressed in Lakhs is:

8,961,989 \cdot 10 = 89.62

Expressed in lakhs, the population of London is approximately 89.62 lakhs.


1. How many Hundreds are in 1 Million?

We need to divide 1 million by 100 to find how many hundreds are in one million. We can express that with 1,000,000 / 100 = 10,000. The answer is that you have 10,000 hundred in 1 million.

2. How many Thousands are in 1 Million?

The procedure is similar to the previous case. You need to divide 1,000,000 by 1,000. The answer is that you have 1,000 thousand in 1 million.

3. How many Lakh is 1 Million?

Ten lakhs is equal to one million.

4. How many Crore is 1 Million?

As we know, 10 million are 1 Crore. That means 0.1 Crore is equal to one million.