If you came here, you’re probably not too sure what square yards are, or how you can measure them. Fear not, for we have the guide you need. In the following text, you’re going to learn what square yards are, and how you can measure them for different shapes of area.

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What are square yards?

In the construction industry, square yards are used to measure the amount of area on a given structure. This measurement is usually used with regards to buildings and rooms, but can also be used to measure yards as well.

These units may be used in various applications including residential and commercial building plans. The number of square yards needed for any given application depends upon its intended purpose, size and shape – all things that must be determined before calculating surface area using this method.

How to calculate square yards?

There are several ways to calculate square yards. The method you are going to use depends on the shape of the area you’re measuring. So, let’s go over the most common shapes.


A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four sides and four angles of equal measure. A rectangle has two pairs of parallel and opposite sides. The length of a rectangle is the distance between opposite sides, and its width is the distance between opposite sides. For a rectangle, the surface area is equal to:

A = a \times b

A square is also a rectangle with all four sides having equal length, but unlike rectangles, squares have right angles at every corner (where four lines intersect). Rectangles are most easily constructed by first constructing parallel lines that will be used as boundaries for both length and width measurements on each side. For a square, the surface area is equal to:

A = a^2


A circle is a shape that is round. It’s also called an “annulus” or an if it has a small hole in the middle. A circle has no end and no beginning, like infinity. If you travel around a circle, you’ll always get back to where you started from!

The formula for calculating the surface area of a circle:

A = r^2 \times \pi


A triangle is a polygon with three sides, three angles and three vertices. To calculate its surface area, you can use the formula:

A = b \times h

b is the length of the base, and h is the height of the triangle.

How to use the square yards calculator

With this tool, all you need to do is enter the length and width of the area, and the calculator will give you the surface area.

Furthermore, it can also give you the full price, if you enter the price per square yard.


Is a yard and a square yard the same?

A yard is a unit of length, while a square yards is a unit of surface area.

How many square feet are in a square yard?

One square yard contains 9 square feet.

How many square yards are in a football field?

A football field is 6400 square yards.