Using our online calculator, you can calculate the radius of a cylinder in just seconds. This calculation is important in engineering applications and is based on the formula for calculating the radius based on volume and height.

What is a cylinder?

A cylinder is a three-dimensional solid with two parallel bases (the ends), a curve surface, and constant width. The base is the cross-section of the cylinder. When you look at a cylinder from above, it looks like a circle; this is why cylinders are also called circular solids.

You can think of it as two circles base to base, with a line connecting the centers. The surface area of a right cylinder without its bases is called Lateral Surface Area and the surface areas of its bases are called its Top Base Area and Bottom Base Area.

Types of cylinders

Cylinders are of two types:

  • Open cylinder—a cylinder that is open at both ends, similar to a tube.
  • Closed cylinder—a solid geometric figure with two parallel top faces, called bases, and a curved side wall. The bases are generally perpendicular to each other and parallel to the third side of the shape; all three sides can be equal in length or different lengths. In this case, it’s important that your diameter value is greater than your radius value.

Properties of a cylinder

A cylinder is solid with two circular ends. The shape of a cylinder is similar to that of a can, which has two circular ends and no flat sides. A cylinder’s base and top are also both circles. Cylinders are three-dimensional figures, meaning they have a height (height = distance between its base and its tip), width (distance between the left side of the figure and right side of the figure), and length (distance between the front end of figure and back end).

How to use the radius of a cylinder calculator

The radius of a cylinder calculator is very simple to use. To start, all you need to enter are the height and the volume of the cylinder. From this, the calculator will give you:

  • The diagonal
  • The surface-to-volume ratio
  • The base surface area
  • The lateral surface area
  • The total surface area
  • The radius

It also works in many different ways. For example, you could enter the height and the diagonal, and the calculator will give you all of the above-mentioned details. Keep in mind, that the diagonal has to be greater than the height, otherwise, the calculation can not be done.


What is a diameter of a cylinder?

The diameter is a line that goes through the center and connects two opposite sides of either base of the cylinder. It is equal to 2 * r.

What is a cylinder?

A cylinder is a three-dimensional solid with two parallel bases (the ends), a curve surface, and constant width.

What shape is the base of a cylinder?

The bases of any cylinder are circles.