If you look at our paper quantity calculator, you can easily calculate how many sheets of paper are in a ream. The printing industry has its own measures of quantity. For example, you can calculate with quires, reams, bundles, and bales. But, these are not the only units in which you can express the number of sheets of paper. Keep reading to find out more about paper quantities. Check the reading speed calculator and about speed reading.

Units of paper quantity

In this paragraph, you will learn the units of measurement and basic standards for paper quantity. There are various units of measurement for paper quantity. Below we will explain how to use them.

Firstly, writing paper measurements are:

 25 sheets equals 1 quire
500 sheets = 20 quires = 1 ream
1,000 sheets = 40 quires = 2 reams = 1 bundle
5,000 sheets = 200 quires = 10 reams = 5 bundles = 1 bale

Secondly, measures on ‘short’ paper are:

24 sheets require 1 ‘short’ request
480 sheets require 20 ‘short’ queries = 1 ‘short’ bundle
960 sheets require 40 ‘short’ requests = 2 ‘short’ bundles = 1 ‘short’ bundle
4,800 sheets require 200 ‘short’ bundles = 10 ‘short’ bundles = 5 ‘short’ bundles = 1 ‘short’ bundle

Thirdly, posters and print measures are:

516 sheets or 21½ ‘short’ queries equals 1 printer pack
1032 sheets = 2 piles of printers = 1 pack of printers
5160 sheets = 5 printer packs = 1 printer bale

What is quire paper

You can use quire paper as a measure of the amount of paper. Its meaning is actually a set of 24 or 25 sheets of paper that are the same quality but the same size. Also, 1/20 of the air is taken into account. You can use a set of 25 sheets for machine-made paper. The set of 24 sheets is intended for handmade or specialized paper (480 sheets).

Above all, historically, there are different meanings:

  • The paper we buy today is not the paper we had before. It is thinner, more fragile and less durable. Quire measuring paper is a return to the thicker, firmer paper of the past.
  • The quire was primarily a disassembled bundle of 4 sheets of vellum or parchment. Regardless of the method used, you can form an 8- or 16-page booklet when sewn and folded. The terms quaternion or “quaternum” were more commonly used during this period.
  • The word “quire” originated when the word quaternum was abbreviated to “quair” or “guaer” in standard usage. After that, with the betting on the use of paper, it became easy to connect 5 to 7 sheets at a time, where the association “quaire” with “four” was quickly lost.
  • The “quire” is an expression that means 80 pages when it is on the blank cover of a book.

How many sheets in a quire?

In one quire is 25 sheets of the same quality and size. In some situations, 24 sheets or 2 tenths are equal for certain paper types. One requirement involves 1/20 of the ream.

1  ream (long) equal 20  quires (long)  = 500 sheets
1 ream (short) equal 20 quires (short) = 480 sheets

A ream of paper

A ream of paper represents a number of sheets of the same quality or size. According to the International Organization for Standardization, the definition of a ream is as 500 equal sheets. The 500-sheet ream is also famous as the “long” ream, and over time replaces the old 480-sheet value, also called the “short” ream. Retail outlets sell papers in piles of 500 papers.

Particular types of specialized paper such as greaseproof paper, absorbent paper, wipes, and handmade paper are sold separately. You can sell them in a ‘short’ ream of 480 sheets. Also, ream is the most common size you can use for home or personal use.

How many sheets of paper are in a ream?

Papers come in different sizes and thicknesses. When people think of paper, they often think of sheets of paper. A ream is the quantity of paper that is equal to 500 sheets.

Ream or other paper is 500 sheets – the international standard value. It is traditional printing or writing. Then, short papers have 480 sheets of paper that can be sold in short rolls. These are, for example, handkerchief papers, handmade paper, and the like. Perfect ream or printer ream is 516 sheets – a measure that considers the waste generated during printing and paper handling.

A paper bundle

A quantity of sheets of paper is a paper bundle. It is standardized to 1,000 sheets. The package consists of two bundles or 40 questionnaires. In the United Kingdom and the United States, the old measure was equal to 960 sheets.

Paper bale

A paper bale is a number of sheets of paper,  standardized as 5,000 sheets. A bale consists of 10 reams (200 quires.)

How to use a paper quantity converter?

To make a conversion and to calculate the number of sheets of paper in a given quantity, you can use this converter. The user needs to enter the number of sheets of paper he wants to convert and the paper type. In conclusion, you use this information to calculate the answer.

If we assume that you need to print posters, but you need a paper that is sold in smaller (short) quantities:

1. Enter your value in the appropriate space. If you assume you need to print 1000 posters. Enter your value in the first field.

2. The display of paper volume converter results is in four different measures. The measure is not shown, and we want to know how many short reams it takes.

3. If the unit does not appear, you can easily change it by clicking and selecting the one you need from the selection offered by the calculator. It is necessary to choose a short amount. In short, the value we were looking for is 2.1, which tells you that buying 2 quick packs will not be enough.


1. What is a quantity of paper called?

A measure of paper quantity is a quire of paper. It usually means that quire is 25 sheets of the same quality and size: 1⁄20 of a ream of 500 sheets. You can use Quires of 25 sheets for machine-made paper, while you can use 24 sheets for handmade or specialized paper of 480-sheet reams.

2. How do you calculate reams of paper?

To calculate the ream weight, multiply the actual sheet size by the base paperweight and divide the result by the base paper size.