Bulk gravel is one of the most versatile, flexible, and affordable materials on Earth. It’s used to create roads, paths, and driveways, fill in muddy areas, create drainage systems or even build sand castles. Whether you’re taking on a DIY project at home or you’re a professional landscaper looking for bulk gravel for your latest client, you can find exactly what you need online. Read on to learn how to use our gravel calculator to estimate how much gravel you’ll need for your next project.

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What is gravel?

Gravel is a type of crushed rock that’s used to make driveways, pathways, and other hard surfaces. It’s often used as a base for asphalt, as gravel makes it easier for heavy vehicles to pass over the surface when it’s paved with asphalt. When people walk on gravel paths instead of concrete or asphalt ones, they find them more comfortable because their feet sink into the surface slightly.

The gravel itself can be made from many different kinds of material – ranging from small stones to pebbles up to cobblestones – but all have similar properties when it comes down to getting them underfoot: they’re rough enough not only to provide traction but also provide some cushioning between you and whatever else might be underneath (such as rocks).

What is gravel used for?

You may be wondering what gravel is used for in your home or business. What is the purpose of this common product?

Gravel can be used to build driveways, paths, and roads. It’s also commonly used as a drainage material because it allows water to pass through easily while still providing enough support for the foundation of structures built on top of it.

Gravel is often found in landscaping projects because its rough texture makes it an ideal medium for creating paths and walkways through gardens or parks. The crushed stones also help with drainage, allowing water to flow away from these areas quickly so that no puddles form on them during rainstorms or winter months when the snow melts off nearby trees’ leaves onto the ground below them.

How much gravel do I need?

To calculate how many bags you need, begin by calculating the total square footage of your project. Then multiply that number by the depth of gravel you want to use. Next, divide that number by the area of your bags (typically 18″ x 24″). The result is how many bags you’ll need for your project!

Types of gravel

Gravel is a natural stone aggregate that is used for construction, landscaping, and drainage. It’s essential to be aware of the different types of gravel so you can choose the right one for your specific project.

Gravels are classified as either “primary” or “secondary” depending on how they were formed.

The most convenient way to buy bulk gravel

Gravel is a loose material used for construction, road building, and landscaping. It is made of small rocks or stones that vary in size from 2 to 64 millimeters (0.079 to 2.52 in). Gravel has been used for driveways since Roman times when it was called puteal (Latin for well).

Gravel is also used as an ingredient in concrete and asphalt mixtures. In addition to the benefits of providing drainage and preventing soil erosion, gravel can be used as an effective sound barrier between residential areas and highways; it serves this purpose in the Netherlands where a thick layer of sand dunes separates major urban centers from highways.

In addition to its use on graded roads like highways or freeways (highways with multiple lanes), gravel may be used on unpaved dirt roads as well as unpaved private driveways up into large parking lots or even shopping malls if they are built near natural geological formations like streams or rivers where there will inevitably be some form of erosion occurring over time.

How much is a yard of gravel?

On average, buying gravel in bulk, it’s going to set you back $15 to 75$ per yard. The cheapest types would be crushed concrete, crushed shells, and sand-gravel mixes, which are around $15 per yard.

Gravel estimator – how to calculate landscape gravel quantity?

Our gravel calculator is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter the dimensions of the hole you want to fill (length, width, and depth), and the calculator will give you the exact information on how much gravel you need in both volume and weight. It can also calculate how much money you will have to spend on that amount of gravel.

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How many square yards can a ton of gravel cover?

In most cases, a ton of gravel will be able to cover 12 square yards, with 2 inches of depth.

How much does gravel cost?

One ton of gravel costs approximately $90.

How deep should you lay gravel?

The gravel should be laid at least 5cm deep.