The Board Foot Calculator allows you to quickly evaluate the volume of board lumber whenever you need it. For example, you want to buy hardwood for your outdoor project. In that case, our tool will truly help you. But, you are not sure how to calculate volume units? Also, you don’t know what a board foot is? Then, scroll down for more in-depth information about this subject.

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What is a Board Foot? Board Foot Definition

Board foot (bd. ft.), is a volume measurement of wood lumber. These particularly exotic woods are usually measured and priced by the board foot (footage). In other words, it accounts for the thickness, width, and length of the lumber. Moreover, one board foot of wood is one square foot that is one inch thick. 

To clarify, it is used when obtaining multiple boards of lumber in various sizes.

Board Foot
Board foot measurement

In short, one board foot is 12 inches wide, 12 inches long and 1 inch thick.

Board Foot Formula

Firstly, the board measure is the term to show that the board foot is the part of measurement for most lumber units. Therefore, a board foot is established as part of one inch thick, one foot wide, and one foot long.

Width  \times Length  \times Thickness = Board \ Feet

Likewise, the board foot is calculated by multiplying the proper thickness in inches (T), also by the formal width in inches (W), and by the real length in feet (L), dividing by 12.

In this case, this is the formula to evaluate the board footage:

T \times W \times \frac {L}{12} = Board \ Feet

Board Foot Chart

To be sure, you need to refer to the charts below to calculate the board feet for 4/4 and 8/4 stock quickly.

So, as for the 4/4 Lumber (1″ Thick), look at the board feet measurement at various widths and lengths.

4′ L6′ L8′ L10′ L12′ L14′ L
4” W1.33 BF2.00 BF2.67 BF3.33 BF4.00 BF4.67 BF
6” W2.00 BF3.00 BF4.00 BF5.00 BF6.00 BF7.00 BF
8” W2.67 BF4.00 BF5.33 BF6.67 BF8.00 BF9.33 BF
10” W3.33 BF5.00 BF6.67 BF8.33 BF10.00 BF11.67 BF
12” W4.00 BF6.00 BF8.00 BF10.00 BF12.00 BF14.00 BF
Board Feet Lumber 1” Thick

While, for the 8/4 Lumber (2″ Thick), these are the board measurements at various widths and lengths.

4′ L6′ L8′ L10′ L12′ L14′ L
4” W2.67 BF4.00 BF5.33 BF6.67 BF8.00 BF9.33 BF
6” W4.00 BF6.00 BF8.00 BF10.00 BF12.00 BF14.00 BF
8” W5.33 BF8.00 BF10.67 BF13.33 BF16.00 BF18.67 BF
10” W6.67 BF10.00 BF13.33 BF16.67 BF20.00 BF23.33 BF
12” W8.00 BF8.00 BF16.00 BF20.00 BF24.00 BF28.00 BF
Board Feet Lumber 2” Thick

How to calculate Board Feet?

Our Board Foot Calculator is easy to use. Therefore, fill out all of the fields with information, and the result will appear in the field ‘Total‘. As a result, you will have a total number of board feet. But, how to do that without mistakes? In that case, let’s dive into this immediately.

Step by step process is given bellow.

  • So, first you need to enter a number of lumber pieces in the box.
  • Secondly, you need to fill in the thickness of the lumber. Also, see all of the lumber thickness dimensions that our board foot tool offers. You have six different dimensions (units), such as millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, inches, feet, and yards. However, open it to see all of them and choose one unit.
  • Further, you need to give the width in the third box. To repeat, set up unit and enter your width of lumber.
  • Therefore, set up dimensions and write your desired lumber length in the box. Accordingly, our Board Foot Calculator will correctly evaluate the total board feet. Likewise, it’s easy and does not take a lot of time.

Furthermore, you can calculate the total cost, by entering price per piece.

Using the Lumber Calculator: Example

To demonstrate, we will work on one example to make it clear and easy. So let’s go step by step. So, you want to do an outdoor project, and because of that, you need boards of wood. But, you want to know how much you will pay for a few or more boards of wood (hardwood footage)? Then, our calculator will check it for you.

  • Firstly, how many pieces do you need to purchase? For example, we will take smaller numbers, like ten wooden boards, so here in the first box put the number of pieces. Then, you need to select the dimensions of the boards. Furthermore, fill in all three categories: thickness, width, and length.
  • As a result, you can see the total board feet for these dimensions.
  • So, when you get board feet dimensions, enter price per one foot, and
  • In the last field, you will see the total cost for your project.


How much is a board foot?

Generally speaking, one board foot of lumber is one square foot that is one inch thick. Thus, if you need to convert regular volume units into board feet, take the following relations:
One board ft = 144 cubic in = 1/12 cubic ft.

How do you measure a board foot?

Firstly, take a rectangle piece of lumber by measuring its length in feet, the width in inches rounding to the nearest decimal place. Finally, to enumerate, measure the thickness in inches. After all, multiply all three numbers together, and divide it by 12.

How do you calculate the board feet in a log?

In addition, find a Doyle rule, or just use the International 1/4-inch table. For this reason, measure the diameter of the shorter end of the log, in feet. Indeed, look up now where are two values meet on the table. Similarly, you can apply the equation diameter to measure the units. In that case, the result evaluates the board feet in a log.

What is the board foot insulation?

Generally speaking, board foot insulation estimate how much volume shower foam insulation can make up. Likewise, the board foot is a volume 1 ft. x 1 ft. x 1 in. Furthermore, a board foot is also a common measure for lumber in the USA and Canada.

What is a board foot of lumber?

The board foot of lumber is generally retailed by the board foot. The volume of the lumber is equivalent to the board dimensions below: one inch thick, one foot wide, and one foot long. That is 144 cubic inches.

How many board feet are in 2×4?

To sum up, the board foot has 10 dimensions. Further, now you will see how many board feet in 2×4 have each of them. To clarify:
– a 6′ 2×4 has 4 number of bf,
– an 8′ 2×4 has 51/3 bf,
– a 10′ 2×4 has 62/3,
– a 12′ 2×4 has 8 bf,
– a 14′ 2×4 has 91/3 bf,
– a 16′ 2×4 has 102/3 bf,
– an 18′ 2×4 has 12 bf,
– a 20′ 2×4 has 131/3 bf,
– a 22′ 2×4 has 142/3 bf and
– a 24′ 2×4 has 16 board feet in dimension.

How do you figure a board feet in lumber?

In addition, to sum board feet in lumber, you need to use the formula below:
Thickness \times Width \times Length/12 = Board \; Feet